Zelda Details: Link Is From Cloud City

At an E3 roundtable discussion earlier today, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma revealed a bit more information on the newest game in the Zelda series, Skyward Sword.

CASTLE IN THE SKY - In a first for the franchise, Link isn't raised in a village. At least, not one on the ground. He's instead from the land of Skyloft, a floating island in the sky. Link only "discovers" the land below later in life, and finds it overrun by evil. He thus spends the game going between his home in the clouds and the land below (hence the "cloud jump" in the game's trailer).

HUD-BE-GONE - The game's art style may look yummy, but that HUD looks yucky. Thankfully, Aonuma tells us that in the final retail version we'll be able to switch it off.

NEW MAPS - Acknowledging that previous maps in the Zelda series haven't been all they could be, series director Aonuma promises that Skyward's will be easier to follow, and won't leave you as lost as those in other Zelda games.

DOUBLE CONTROL - Similar to Red Steel 2, Skyward will use both the MotionPlus and Wii sensor bar to track your movements, meaning that even if you point the Remote away from the screen, the game will still know where you are.

BOOMING SOUNDTRACK - Mario Galaxy 2 had a big, thunderous orchestral soundtrack. Will Skyward follow suit? Miyamoto says Nintendo couldn't do what it did with Galaxy 2 and not do the same with the next Zelda, which we'll take as a "yes".

2011 - This game won't make 2010, as Miyamoto and Aonuma want to give the development team the rest of the year to complete the game and make sure it's in tip-top shape.


    I'm praying that the release dates between Japanese and English and NTSC and PAL are AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. I'm sick of waiting weeks, months or even years for the same game to be released in Australia.

    Please Nintendo, show some love!

      You forgot to mention Europe to Australia as well. Remember Super Mario Galaxy 2? Europe has the game already, whereas we're still waiting for our release for a game that shares the same PAL codes.

    So, we'll need three accessories to play the game?

    The nunchuk, the vitality sensor and the MotionPlus...

    Why not have us use the balance board to walk? The Wii Speak to interact with villagers?

    Honestly, that's a little disappointing, Nintendo.


      I'll give you points for trying. But if you've got a Wii chances are you should already have at least ONE nun-chuck that came w/ the console (which is all you need =P)

      Which leaves the Motion Plus. Oh and where does it say u need the Vit Sensor? xD

        True about the nunchuck, but it's still an extra you have to buy.

        As for the vitality sensor, I guess I misread 'sensor bar' as 'vitality sensor' xD

        I think that kind of chucks most of my argument out of the way :P

        Anyway, the game looks okay, but I'll need more if I'm going to shell out for the motionplus... at least I don't need a vitality sensor though xD

    Much as I can't wait to get my hands on this game, I hope Nintendo give it all the development time it needs. It was Miyamoto himself who said (in reference to no less a game than Ocarina of Time) that "a delayed game is eventually good; a bad game is bad forever". I can wait for 2011 if the game lives up to its potential.

    But yes, I hope upon release it is translated and released in Australia as quickly as is physically possible.

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