Zelda: Skyward Sword's Debut Trailer

Here's the debut trailer for new Zelda game, Skyward Swords. I didn't think I had genuine excitement left in me for a Wii Zelda game, but this new art style is gorgeous.


    I'm Big Kev Excited about this, and I also thought I'd have a fairly flat reception to the new Zelda. Looks and sounds as good as it's going to get on a wii.

      I'm Big Kev excited that someone remembers Big Kev

    Yeah that's a not bad, sorta like if your favorite childhood action figure came to life :)

    ... god damm that looks good.

    Lets all play Uncharted 2 and then go look at this game again. Clearly a step back for the franchise.

      Awesome idea! Then lets all play Forza 3 and wonder how Nintendo could of done such a bad job of the traction control on Link's shoes.

    um, this looks like its just Ocarina of time, but better graphics? Is it spost to be?
    either way ill buy it... damit.

    First they brought the series into 3D on the N64. Then they tried cartoon-style cel-shading. Then they went back to full-realistic 3D. Now they have finally merged the two styles to make the game look like a playable anime. Nintendo truly are geniuses- and this looks like it could be the best Zelda game EVER. I can not WAIT until this comes out here.

    Can't put excitement into words....
    My God!
    Now all they need to do is increase the difficulty from easy, like in Twilight Princess, to something challenging. Day one purchase from me either way though.

    I came


    New Zelda footage!

    This trailer is absolute perfection. I'm really digging the new art style, however, I do have a feeling there will be those who aren't too pleased about the transition from the dark gritty world Twilight Princess had to the semi cartoonish world this has.

    As of now, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords is my most anticipated game. Now, as lame as it sounds, before Twilight Princess was released I used to have dreams of me playing it. I'm sure that after seeing this trailer I will have dreams of playing Skyward Swords. And those will be the best dreams EVER.

    ^ Hmm... I think I'm a little too excited for the new Zelda.

    Swing and a miss!

    The problem with Zelda is that everyone (including me) WANTS to like it so much. We WANT to feel the same magic we felt years ago. So when we are underwhelmed we just sweep our true feelings towards this franchise under the rug and just see it through phony rose coloured glasses.

    The new style bites, looks like Family Party Pack or something - watch the trailer again and just look at those enemies... this isn't artistic, this isn't interesting, this isn't Zelda - this is a huge dissapointment.

    And showing Majora's Mask at the start was positively evil - I don't think my hopes have ever been raised and then utterly razed so quickly.

    Is it just me, or have they been using the same voice sounds for Link since Ocarina?

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