1.4kg Of Bacon

So I've been on a big BLT kick lately, getting there thanks to my old editor from Jacksonville, N.C. waxing nostalgic lately about 'mater sammiches and remembering this heartbreakingly brilliant work of sentimentality from three years ago.

I saw the ode to BLTs referenced on Jeff Simmermon's "And I Am Not Lying" shortly after Divine_Wino posted it to Metafilter in July 2007. It might be the greatest Internet comment I've ever read, and one of the very few things uttered into this medium that can end up standing the test of time. Even if you hate the sandwich, reading that delivers an absolutely powerful sense of time and place.

His recipe's also pretty damn good, too. Hard to screw up a BLT, admittedly.

Today the Safeway had a special and I came home with 1.4kg of thick cut bacon. I wanted to rack it to the hood of my car like a big game prize. Bacon has major cred and doesn't need me evangelising for it, but I can tell you of all the things I bought this week - and one of them was an Xbox 360 Slim - I'm looking forward to enjoying this purchase the most.

Some food for thought:


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