20 Amazingly Detailed Call Of Duty: Black Ops Screens

Can you spot the dragonfly in this picture? Treyarch and Activision have released 20 new Call of Duty: Black Ops screens brimming with nice little touches, from snow-speckled facial hair to insects thriving in the jungle heat, but something's missing.

As detailed as these new screens are, they still manage to highlight some of the areas that video games have yet to cover in terms of graphics. They've nailed snow, fire, swarming insects and facial hair, but where's the arm hair? As a man with copious amounts of body hair, I will not be completely satisfied until I see a video game character with sweat running in rivulets through his matted forearm hair.

Perhaps it's best you just ignore what I am writing and look at the pretty pictures instead.


    Men's arm hair will become the next gaming innovation, lol

    Not many new screens in this lot. Also not high resolution.

      They're at 1280x720, which is higher than the native resolution of the last three CoD games.

    the 6th screen looks somewhat reminiscent of a MW2 single player level

    Anyone else find that the frostbite engine used by DICE makes all fabrics in their games look like denim, or corduroy or something?

      Yeah, although I thought they were meant to be some kind of denim. lol

    Anyone noticed the bandana guy really looks like Ben stiller in tropic thunder? Maybe its just me..

      LOL totally does!

      Regarding the arm hair... did you not stop and think they are ALLhip hop stars who wax their arms to show off their awesome tattoos cause there so gangsta and manly?

      dude ive been saying that to everyone who watched the trailers and they disagree

    Call of Battlefield: Duty Cause 2 ?


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