3DS Games Will Look Better If They Ditch The 3D

According to "developers working on the system", games running on the Nintendo 3DS can look (and perform) even better than those we've seen on one condition: they lose the 3D.

That's what a report on IGN says, as developers "could theoretically use the extra processing power for additional texture passes and more complex object and environment geometry, or even up a framerate from 30 frames per second to 60".

To be honest, I hadn't even considered that. But they're right: it takes processing power to render the images in 3D, since they're essentially creating the same image twice (one for each eye), so freeing that up should indeed result in better-looking games with more stuff on-screen.

Whether a developer or publisher would risk bypassing the system's main selling point is up for debate, but surely somebody is willing to take a chance considering the potential benefits. I know I'd trade 3D in a lot of games for smoother performance and better graphics.

Nintendo 3DS: Your Questions Answered [IGN, via Go Nintendo]


    Thats the question I asked when you put up the 3DS specs a few weeks back.

    And someone guessed yes..right her on Kotaku Au!

    I do hope they don't sacrifice quality for novelty...

      i dunno its kinda a double edged sword

      on First party titles it would be hypocritical of nintendo not to make sure there 3D based games(at least in the first year)

      and knowing some of the wii games that have come out it very likely that they will go for novelty over quality

      the only thing i see going against this is if they get large feedback that people arent using the 3D all that much

        just to clarify

        and knowing some of the wii games that have come out it very likely that they will go for novelty over quality

        by they in that term i mean 3rd party developers who had shonky wii controls

    Didn't they essentially cover this on Good Game about a week ago? Although it was never explicitly stated that "games will be prettier", it was heavily implied by saying (and excuse the paraphrasing) "We have to render two images at once". =S

    before the 3ds even was announced, the minute people starting looking into 3D gaming, it was stated that the introduction of 3D gaming would reduce the quality of the games because of the extra processing power.

    This is not a new concept, even more so, there will be less billboard images in the 3D games because they dont look right in 3D, which means things that should have required almost no processing power will now take up quite abit more.

    This has been pretty much common knowledge for anyone even casually following 3D gaming since the beginning. I think we'll see a rush of "everything is 3D!" at the start, but as the hype dies down developers will start to feel more like they can choose based on the needs of the game and their abilities as a studio.

    Personally, I think that effective - that's a key word, there - 3D will be an adequate trade-off for raw graphical prowess, though it will be nice to see both on the system.

    I know the 3DS can turn off the 3D effect, but I'm curious can the game over ride the setting for flat but pretty or will the game need to tell you to turn it off.

    As the machine is currently not on the market speculation is really all we have because the design while looking damn near finished at E3 doesn't mean 100% done. But I'd be willing to bet we get what they showed at E3.

    Heck! We could go back to 4 bit color, with 64x48 pixels on a screen, and render our games at 10BILLION FPS!! How awesome would they be then!

      Way to miss the point entirely with a false comparison! :D

        not really, he has it spot on. Offcourse if u dont bother with 3d you have more power to do other stuff. thats a no brainer i thought

    The use of the word "better" is subjective. Some people might think a 3D SNES game looks "better" than a PS3 game. The PS3 game might have more polygons or w/e makes it a current gen console but that doesn't mean every image or aesthetic the game pumps out is "better."

    The 3DS sounds like a powerful machine and like all consoles with a "twist" or "gimmick" developers will need to consider all the capabilities of the machine when designing games for it. If you develop a game designed to capitalise on the 3D technology instead of just tacking on 3D technology to a game you want to make, I have no doubt it will result in a better product for the 3DS.

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