A Behind The Scenes Peek At Twisted Metal’s Live Action Intros, Endings

Eat Sleep Play co-founder David Jaffe offered a glimpse at the new Twisted Metal's storytelling action at Comic-Con 2010, live action cinematics that will flesh out the stories of its stars, Sweet Tooth, Dollface, Mr. Grim and the Preacher.

Jaffe said that the decision to go with live action cinematics for each character's introduction and multiple ending was partially based on how other games are doing it. Infamous, Jaffe said, had nailed the motion comic book look, while Blizzard reigned supreme in terms of pre-rendered computer generated movies. So, live action it is.

The following stills were taken from a behind the scenes clip shown to Comic-Con attendees. In it, Jaffe explained some of the inspiration for the characters in the PlayStation 3 version of Twisted Metal, saying that the story of Dollface was influenced by his ex-wife—and he meant it in the nicest way possible—and that Mr. Grimm was partly based on Eat Sleep Play co-founder and adrenaline junkie Scott Campbell.

The Preacher, Jaffe said, was influenced by overly aggressive religious types from his youth spent in Alabama. You'll be able to watch the behind the scenes look at Twisted Metal for yourself to enjoy the rest, a video that is planned for release on the PlayStation Network.


    Cant wait!

    My dad loves Twisted metal he will be happy when this comes out. I always enjoyed it and wished for online multilayer now we get it! Yew!

    Those look terrible and D grade :(

    Also, pretty sure Westwood nailed Live Action with the CnC series ;D

      Yeah cause its always smart to judge by BEHIND THE SCENES PICTURES...

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