A Celebration Of Video Game... Boot-Up Sequences

It may seem a trivial thing, but a game's boot-up sequence can be more important than you realise! First impressions count, after all, and the first impression you get of a game is the sequence as it starts up.

This is nearly always - always - in the form of a procession of logos. Developer logos, franchise logos, publisher logos, middleware logos, classification information, every game on the market will have at least one of these, if not all of them.

Consoles have these too, and over time, they come to symbolise the machine itself. We'll deal with those, however, another time...

Some suck. Most are... OK, but do little other than show you who's made the game you're about to play. Some, though, go the extra mile, and contribute to your interest in (and love for) a particular studio.

These "Boot Camp" posts - of which we'll try and run a few of over the next few weeks - are all about these harmless animation sequences. And to get the ball rolling, we're showcasing the best of the best: the LucasArts guy.

Ever since George Lucas spun his video gaming business off from his movie business, the manner in which the Lucasarts logo is shown during a game's boot-up sequence has been a constant source of amusement for fans. Even today, when LucasArts' release schedule and fanbase has dried up since the golden years of the 1990s, the little cartoon logo still manages a smile with his custom introduction sequences, which are unique to almost every single game the company has released.

The collage up top was made for Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts' 20th anniversary in 2002, but for some reason is missing the absolute best of them all: the logo from the closing credits of Day of the Tentacle. If anybody has that lying around, let us know!

In lieu of that, then, here's another good one not captured in the top clip: that for Force Unleashed, which shows that even when the company changed logos, it was smart enough to keep the trend running.


    Not trivial at all, one of my favourite things about video games (oh they're all my favourite, really) from the 90's was the intro screen sequence. An art that seems to have been lost since graphics card and CPU branding took over the reigns..

    Nothing to do with LucasArts what-so-ever, but how amazing was Vice City's bootup? Answer: pretty amazing!

      It REALLY set the tone, from "Video Killed The Radio Star" in the background, to the clack of C64 keys to the mock C64 computer screen and S.I.D-like sounds, it SCREAMED 80s gaming.
      (At least my 80s. I grew up with a C64 as my first gaming computer.)

    Hell, I just like it when games do anything with the logo that isn't just forcing you to sit through the static images whenever you start the game (one of the few problems with Demon's Souls).

    Games like Banjo Kazooie actually did something with the logo we're used to seeing every time we start up the console.

    On the other hand, it helps to have catchy music or sound effects. I honestly miss the old PS1's PS logo and then Sony logo after it, even with how simple it was.

      Agreed. Hate just sitting there watching a whole bunch of logos I can't skip.

      Agreed. When I heard that distinctive PSX bootup sound, I knew good times were abound!


    Best boot up sequence.


    don't ask why, but I just happened to have this in my collection for some reason :0


    "This is nearly always – always – in the form of a procession of logos. Developer logos, franchise logos, publisher logos, middleware logos, classification information, every game on the market will have at least one of these, if not all of them."

    Cough. EA. Cough. WHY WON'T YOU LET ME SKIP THESE STUPID THINGS. An absurdly long forced-logo sequence can ruin my opinion of a game before I even get to the main menu.

    When I put in a game for the first time, I always let it sit and watch the boot up and idle videos.

    Games without a video are kinda annoying.

    For instance good start ups:
    Resonance of Fate
    Persona 3

    You can see the DOTT LA logo at the end of the credits in this vid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VWrSfrFqIU&fmt=35

    Skip to 6:20.

    Oh wow. Many childhood memories of watching various Lucas Arts intro's.

    Very few intro's (in fact none come to mind) bring the same feeling of excitement and anticipation that I got way back when. Now I'm just hammering keys and mouse buttons trying to skip all of them =/

    Interplay, Sierra, Lucas Arts and Apogee are probably the top 4 from the good old days. One of them has renamed and I think 2 no longer exist? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    DMA had the best openings ever (Rockstar before they became Rockstar, the first 2D GTA games were published under them) There little DMA man being run down at the begining of GTA or Swarmed by killer sheep in space station silicon valley.

    They were awesome.

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