A Closer Look At DC’s StarCraft II & World Of WarCraft Toys

DC Direct knows how to put together a video game toy. The collectible and toy maker is tackling the soon to be released StarCraft II and even more characters from World of Warcraft for its next lines.

While DC DIrect's StarCraft II action figure showing at Comic-Con was a little light on Zerg for my tastes, there's a very good possibility that the toy maker will remedy that in the future. World of Warcraft's action figure line is already on its eighth series, so don't be surprised if Raynor, Zeratul and Tychus are just the beginning.

Get your fill of StarCraft and Warcraft in finely sculpted plastic in the gallery.


    Sweet. Except that griffin thing looks a bit fat

      Looks pretty normal for a Moonkin to me.

      owl bear. half owl. half bear. dash of amazing.

    The marines dimensions look a little off to have a person inside it. Mainly around the Hips/Thighs area the it looks odd. Not saying I wouldn't mind having these all on my shelf :D

    Where are the NE's?
    Or for that matter any Alliance >:( It's one thing to prefer horde it's another to ignore the heroes of WOW

      The DC WoW range has had plenty of NEs and even the Moonkin is obviously a Nelf Druid (antlers). It's one thing to deny the fact that Blizz loves both factions, it's another to call preference when there's been a long history of Nelf figurines.

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