A Girl Gamer Is Not A Tomboy


    I don't know about "excellent." :\

      You could bump the adjective down to "good" and I'm still not sure I'd agree. The photography isn't anything special nor is the concept; the execution is average at best and downright awful at worst (for example: terrible grammar in the "bitch" photo and pretty much everything about the "gay" photo).

      Honestly, this seems like a high school project... and not a particularly good one.

    It's all f*cking wii games, she aint a tomboy but she ain't no gamer either.

      It's funny because as it stands the xbox 360 and ps3 are more casual than the wii.
      If you think wii gamers aren't proper gamers then you are very much mistaken,sure there are a lot of kiddie and shovelware titles on the platform doesn't mean that wii gamers don't indulge in the other great games on the platform. Besides I can see a few gamecube games as well as an origina gba there so It's likely she is just a fan of nintendo. I admit some of her choices are horrible (e.g Hannah Montana and Dogz) but that is not what defines the system as a whole. I own a wii, 360 and a gaming rig and I can tell you that the wii has a much more mature fan base than xbox (and ps3 when I play it at my my mates place). You may well disagree with my opinion but disregarding an entire platform like that is narrow sighted and immature.

        Oh no i agree, wii gamers are more mature, because the only people who play wii are the parents who bought it for their kids.
        Nah, to each his own. Honestly i just prefer a 360 controller or a mouse and keyboard, those are the only reasons i dont sit down to my wii very often.

    That's not a girl gamer. That's a casual. Guitar Hero, Madden, Spongebob, Dogz, Wiiplay, My Sims.


      Yeah. I'm not impressed either.

      Pretty terrible what passes for a gamer these days eh.

    U guys need to keep a more open mind about these kind of things. I mean, u wouldnt catch me dead playing those games, but if she plays them often enough she could be classified as a gamer. Perhaps not so 'Hardcore' but a gamer nonetheless. U dont have to play CS:S to be a gamer, it's a culture.

    haha is that a hannah montanna game i see? Yeah shes a gamer for real

    Discs lying around out of their cases? She's a disgrace, that's what!

      Game Discs left loose is a offence against all gamers, no matter the gender...

    Haha, fail 'games'.

    There are TWO copies of wiiplay. Also, a gameboy colour AND a gameboy advance, but no games for either. And the 'Hannah Montannah' game? Please


    This was linked on that threat. Apart from 'Wet' it's a much more impressive lineup at least

    Every week theres another one of these. The girl making the 'brave' stand against the male dominated gaming by saying 'stop stereotyping girls, we dont all want attention!', pushing gender equality, when its not really needed outside of dealing with 13 year olds, Or my favorite, making some grand statement i've never heard (Girl gamers must be gay, or tomboys, or want to be male etc etc)...and then instantly disproving it.

    Well done. Playing game's isn't some exclusive club with a 'no girls allowed' sign. I dont even know how gender comes up 90% of the time unless your name is distinctively female or you are excessively chatty on a mic...or worse, you openly gloat about being a GURL GAMER, dont hit on me silly boys :3~~

    Why does this look like a porno?

    You guys mad!? Hot girl + games = win.

    "Excellent" really? You trying to nail this girl, Mike? Because I wouldn't could any of them even halfway "good".

    This is amazing. A brave feminist standing up for women's rights in gaming with her "Petz Dogz II Wii" and Hannah Montana.

    Sorry, she's just fueling the stereotype even more. Her entire album is hilariously cliched.

    -Despite having a "A+" nerd skit, she used "Your Ugly"
    -In the gay photo, she used the old French/dirty sanchez look.

    I don't know if this was just cluelessness or was an anti-ironic statement.

    I'm sorry but those games you've got there...
    Just no.
    Seriously what are you 10? Hannah Montana? Oh dear god.
    Ok, you're a gamer, but... not hardcore. If you've even played L4D2 I bet you would've run away screaming.
    Oh and the photo... attention seeker please.
    Just urgh.
    Stop it please.

    Thanks kotaku..........you have me so enraged i've now got a facial twitch.

    As everyones said, shes just someone who plays games, not a gamer (she even describes herself as hardcore....).

    Also i really don't care if your a girl gamer or a gay gamer, or a fit gamer, or whatever the fuck you want to call yourself; IF YOUR A GAMER YOUR JUST A GAMER. Why add stupid tags when all i care about is either killing you, or you helping me kill other people.......

    Im freaking sick of the whole 'girl-gamer' crap.
    What is the big deal about girls playing video games? Everyone knows girls play games. Who gives a toss?

    Im a girl gamer , and i think there are many others out there to. None of my friends are gamers and so im feeling pressured to get rid of my games........ that picture is terrible.... and having Wii games doesnt make it better. I still play the 'old school' PS2 and i have a PSP. Im a fan of Playstation but lets face it... Nintendo just sucks.

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