A Good Look At Halo: Reach's Collector's Edition

Halo: Reach's Legendary Edition is impressive, but it's also expensive. Those wanting a fancy edition of the game and not a disintegrating bank account may prefer this "Limited Collector's Edition" instead.

It's a bit smaller, and a bit lighter on the included junk, but it's also only $US80 as opposed to the Legendary Edition's price tag of $US150.

As you can see, it's basically the "insert box" (the little box inside the giant box that houses the statue) from the Legendary Edition with different artwork, and as previously revealed, includes an exclusive set of Elite armour for multiplayer and an "artefact" bag containing an art/history book and stuff like a patch and ID badge.

Halo: Reach will be out on September 14.

Kotaku AU Note: The Limited Edition is $129.95 RRP in Australia.


    Tell us something we don't know. All I can see is Dr Halsey's diary, a patch, and two key cards.

    A little more detail would be great thanks.

      I'm pretty sure there is not much more to be said - what you see is what you get.

    $80 => $130? This puts things into perspective T.T

      Actually, the RRP of Halo: Reach standard edition is $99.95.

      If you want to make a real comparison of prices, then compare the $80 price tag with Harvey Norman's $98 for the limited edition.

    I know the Reach cover on the front of the box is photoshopped on, but surely they'd do a unique design for the front of it rather than the standard sleeve design? That new green top thing looks really conspicuous. :(

    Anyone remember when you used to just get this sort of stuff in the box as standard, like in the good old Infocom days?

    So basically the halo reach statue is worth $50? Is that the only thing in this edition that's not in the legendary edition?

      The legendary enditing also gets a custom head thingy for multiplayer. I believe it's a flaming head, not unlike the ones Bungie staff rock in Halo 3 multiplayer.

    That artbook looks very nice in terms of on-page presentation and the sheer no. of pages it contains. The other stuff ... not so much ..

    And yet I'm dumb enough to have this on pre-order.

    ok you get alot of software for campaign and muliplayer he could have talked a little more about that

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