A Little Extra Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep For Europe

The European PlayStation blog shows off the lovely box art for the Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Special Edition. What's in the box?

Game.co.uk lists the normal edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep at £24.99. The Special Edition of the game lists for £29.99, meaning that someone better have packed an extra £5 of value inside this pretty little Zack-festooned box.

Now I'm not familiar with UK or European currency, so someone needs to tell me if two Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep art prints and a 48-page hardback The Art of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep art book is worth that much.

And then someone who isn't a Kingdom Hearts fan needs to give me their version of that answer.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is due out on September 10 in Europe.

Kingdom Hearts Special Edition [PlayStation Blog]


    Nope. It's the same lousy deal Square do with every game. Final Fantasy XIII and Dissidia both had the same rubbish. I fell for the Dissidia one and learned my lesson. Even if I am a fan, I'm not about to throw money away....mostly.

    $52au for an art-book that can't be any bigger than a psp case, definitely not worth it

    Especially when the standard edition is $32au.

    That's $20aud extra.

    If you look at Amazon's shipping, they're not posting video games outside of Europe anyways, so Australians can't order from them anyways.

    SE do terrible artbook packins with their games. Crisis Core's book was a joke, and if I hadn't picked up FF13 Collectors Edition for $48AU then I would have defs thrown a fit on how pathetic that artbook was.

    Meanwhile publishers like 2K put out huge 120 page hardcover books filled with artbook, developer comments and more. Now THAT is a collectors edition artbook!

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