A Nerdy Wedding Ring (Full Of Memories)

Ray Arifianto, a software development engineer at Microsoft Game Studios, is getting married. He's got the nerdiest wedding ring to prove it.

While his blushing bride is not a gamer or a nerd for that matter, she is totally cool with the idea of getting hitched with one. "So cool," Ray writes, "that she ordered a custom made ring for me." 

That's right, Ray's bride ordered him a USB-drive styled ring. The best part? The engraving. "For a lifetime of memories".

GEDDIT? Memories? Memory? USB?



    Would have been cooler if each ring connected and lit up somehow.

      To complete the Red ring ha! I did it.

      Yeah, and then a genie and/or flying camel will come to their aid!


    Aw. I kinda hoped it was a wedding ring that actually had a gig of romantic photos of them on it.

    he wouldnt wanna leave it in a computer somewhere or he will be coming home to a very angry wife lol

    That is so awesome.

    what does a usb drive have to do with gaming... at all...

    but cool ring none the less :)

    It seems the marriage hardware... has been connected...(usb sound) *YEAHHHHHHHHHH*

    So cool!
    Would have been even cooler if it was actual storage!

    But how do you safely remove hardware?

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