A Small Dose Of Cosplay Poison For Your Eyes

In some respects, an anatomically correct Poison from Final Fight cosplayer, seen lounging outside the Comic-Con halls. I'm sorry for showing you this picture.



    My god... that's so.... Hot....

    Thank god I decided to put off my lunch today..

      But now you just want it smeared with poison.. yum yum!

    For some reason i like horrible cosplay better then good cosplay...something wrong with me ?

    They goggles, they do NOTHING!!!!!

    Thanks for that. Because having to wait 40 minutes on a train, rock up to uni late and then having to walk back because the bus broke down wasn't enough.

    I think I'm just going to sleep/play RDR for the rest of the day.

      Melbourne public transport woes Notorious? I feel your pain mate. :(

        Yeah. 40 minutes between Jolimont and Flinders, during which I missed 5 possible connecting trains. How did Metro screw you over?

    "If thine eyes offend thee, tear them out..."

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