A Sneak Peek At Halo: Reach's Achievements

Bungie's latest update features the icon art for all 49 achievements in Halo: Reach, but didn't name or provide the GamerScore payout for all of them. Still, here's what we do know:

Five named achievements, with their conditions:

• A Monument to All Your Sins – Complete each Campaign Mission on Legendary – alone.

• Banshees, Fast and Low – Hijack a Banshee during the Reach Campaign.

• Yes, Sensei – Earn a First Strike Medal in a Matchmaking game.

• A New Challenger – Complete all of the Daily Challenges in a given day.

• Make It Rain – Purchase an item from the Armory that requires the rank of Lt. Colonel.

Then a breakdown: 23 will be earned through the campaign.

"We set out to make sure that each Campaign mission has its own ‘special' Achievement," Bungie wrote. "Like: If They Came to Hear Me Beg – Perform an Assassination against an Elite to survive a fall that would've been fatal."

And the breakdown: After campaign achievements, seven are earned via firefight, four in multiplayer, six in training and nine in player experience. If there's overlap, it's because some training achievements may be earned in both campaign and firefight.

Bungie Weekly Update: 07.09.10 [Bungie]


    sweet, I hope that means that there are at least nine levels then

      Seeing as there is a bunch there with roman numerals up to 10...

        Yes but there is no "I" - most likely would be a cinematic level(like halo 3 and halo 2 had)

    I would expect there to be more than 9 levels, no matter what the length! After a lot of outcry with Halo 3's campaign length (to me, it didn't feel that short) I expect Bungie to address this issue if it really is one.

    Games like COD and Halo, where a lot and MOST time go into Online Multiplayer, sometimes a short campaign isnt that much of a problem. Heck most people i know who own MW2 never played or finished the campaign and bought it only for the online.

    But i still believe, even if you have an online experience like Halo offers, you shouldn't offer any less of a decent and great campaign experience. And i still feel this way knowing that I will be spending LOADS more time playing Firefight through matchmaking and the already addictive online multiplayer in Reach.

    A Monument To All Your Sins - great achievement. That'll sort the men from the boys.

    It's hard trying to judge campaign length when really we've only seen one (part) of a level. I'm looking forward to some more details, and the confidence in Bungie is high.

      Do note there are four "campaign complete" style skulls there. Here's hoping they have Mythic difficulty - THAT'LL sort
      the men from the boys.

    What happened to the achievement for the first level?

    If it's just a tutorial level, as some have suggested, then why isn't it 1-9 instead of 2-10?
    OCD people (myself included) are just going to get pissed off.

    I don't mind the lack of matchmaking achievements (apparently only 4) as these can be added in DLC and title updates, but I'm sad about the lack of campaign meta-game achievements.

    just following suit by posting here. don't worry if you dont understand -others will...

    Meanwhile, 10Gamerscore says there will be an achievement requiring a jetpack kill called -no wait for it, wait for it...- "DEATH FROM ABOVE"

    campaign legendary alone?

    sinch. done it for every other halo (exluding halo wars)

    looking forward to a challenge.

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