A Teenage Wish Fulfilled In This Space MMO

Wing Commander. X-Wing. Elite. Privateer. Some of my favourite games of all time, yet all were missing one thing that upcoming MMO Infinity has: the ability to fly seamlessly from space to a planet's surface.

Sounds trivial, but if you've ever played a space shooter (or space trader!) you know exactly what I'm talking about; the jarring break in gameplay between space flight and a planetary location, the constant reminder that you're not flying through a space littered with physical objects you can land on, you're just...flying through a space.

I'll be honest, I'd known very little about this game until now, but between that trailer and some gorgeous art over on its site, I'll be looking into it...if it's ever actually released.

[Infinity, clip via Bitmob]


    As long as their able to populate the landscape in an interesting way, this is going to be awesome

    Personally if there's no gameplay element present it seems like a waste of resources.
    Still looks awesome though.

    Guys, read the site. You'll be able to build cities/space stations things like that anywhere you want.

    Wow.. I am glad this game is still being made.
    A friend of mine discovered Infinity a good 4-5 years ago now when we were obsessed with Freelancer.

    From what I remember of what they were aiming for, every world is procedurally generated, with infinite possibilities of exploration and terrain.

    I'd like to think it's not vaporware... really I would, but updates to the site have slowed to barely a crawl.

    Braben's been promising Elite IV for years too!

    Jumpgate Evolution and Black Prophecy both seem to be in perpetual closed beta - never to be released.

    Why oh why does the modern game industry hate the space sim?

    Don't throw X in my face. It's obvious Egosoft hate space sims too or they wouldn't have made a business sim in space with pretensions to space sim-hood.

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