A Visual Guide To Real-Time Strategy

Our Kotaku genre guide series continues this month, appropriately enough, with the resource collecting, unit constructing, zerg rushing battles of real-time strategy in The Kotaku Genre Guide to the RTS.

We've done role-playing games and we've done first-person shooters. Now it's time for something a little meatier. The RTS demands a sharp, strategic mind, nimble fingers and an understanding of the units at your disposal deeper than any real-life general has had for the men under his command. You juggle resources, scout terrain and hope to hell that when you meet your enemy, you've got the upper hand, metallic appendage and mandible.

One thing to bear in mind as you peruse the guide is this is all about real-time strategy, not real-time tactics, so if you're looking for your Total Wars, Kingdoms Under Fire or your Worlds in Conflict, you won't find them here. Don't worry; we'll get to them eventually. For now, the RTS.

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    We used to play Red Alert for hours with 2 PSX linked up with 2 TVs back in highschool.

    Had no trouble with the controls at all.

    Starcraft was a great game but, what exactly was revolutionary about it? It didn't change how future RTS games were made or played.

    I wonder, should DoTA and games like it be classified as real-time strategy? Those games have more in common with sports games.

    what about dark reign? it had an awesome pathing system and unit a.i and behavior customisation. >,<

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