A Visual Guide To The First-Person Shooter

It doesn't matter if you're a sniper, a camper or a target; everyone can learn a little something from the Kotaku Genre Guide to First-Person Shooters.

From the relaxing ease of role-playing games to the frantic, fast-paced action of the first-person shooter. The second in our ongoing series of genre guides takes a look at the first-person shooter, one of the most competitive video game genres around. Some might consider it a sub-genre of the action genre, true FPS fans know that these types of games are in a class by themselves.

Don't be alarmed if your favourite game doesn't show up. We're giving an overview of the genre, and while we'd love to include every FPS ever made, we'd need a much larger image than we've already got here.

Click here to download the full-size image.


    Metroid Prime isn't a shooter...

    Really good, liked the pre-Wolfenstein games in there, most tend to think of W3D as the first of its type.

    Good graphic.. FPS RPG is missing from the FPS Twists though - largely becoming a common FPS theme.

    Anon, Why isn't Metroid Prime a shooter?

    You pretty much go around the game shooting things, solving your problems by shooting things, opening doors by shooting them. Yes you do occaisonally you turn into a ball and blow stuff up.

    How is it not a Shooter?

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