Activision Says Call Of Duty Is This Generation's Star Wars

That's according to Activision Publishing's CEO Eric Hirshberg. And yes, he's being serious.

"The Call of Duty franchise is a force of nature. I think it is the closest thing this generation has to a Star Wars," he told IGN. "I think it's unique and bigger than any musical act or any movie franchise in that capacity."

Normally I scroll right past any statement that basically reads "publisher thinks publisher's game is awesome", but this? Too much. Both Modern Warfare games have been big hits, sure, some of the biggest of the decade, but the closest an entire generation has to Star Wars?

Unless he means it's like Star Wars in that the original was awesome, with the follow-up a disappointment to all but the most hardcore of fans...

Call of Duty A 'Force Of Nature' [IGN]


    I still think that Halo is this generations Star Wars just on a more compact scale: Ground breaking first installment, shiny disappointed sequel, somewhat redemption in the final game and then Extended Universe/Spin-offs. CoD hasn't gone that far... yet.

    Totally agree. Coming from the CEo this means very little. Even a fanboy would be kidding themself to agree. There are many things that are GAR more likley to be pop-sensations in our generation, including Avatar, Pokemon (both anime and game) and Harry Potter. Pokemon has the videogame world covered, but other games that could challenge its position are Halo, Smash Bros. and GTA.
    If the CEO is reffering to "generation Z", then his comment is somewhat more probable, but only because generation Z is so loosley recognised as of yet. Halo, the Wii console istelf and the rising plethora of FPS's are major cultural influences on that generation with regard to videogames.

    ...You mean "original" as in "original trilogy", right?

    And the story in Halo was coherent and passable, with a sense of linearity and continuation.

    I mean, in relation to CoD.

    man the guy must have his eyes caked in pure cocain.

      LOLz You mean 'cocaine'! You just got pwnd by Techa! nub.

      Sounds about right.

    Star Wars is this generation's Star Wars.

    I think the only real correlation is that they both make ridiculous amounts of money. other than that there is no connection that link these two franchises.

    ...seriously? What an ass. If there're any games that are worthy of being called this generation's Star Wars (which I think there aren't), it's Halo or Mass Effect.

    I hear Crystal Meth is this generations Cocaine.

    Well, it has been for me.

    Wasn't Mass Effect this Generation's Star Wars?

      I remember that being said, but not from whom. I think it was someone who actually worked on Star Wars, perhaps Mr. Lucas himself. Or some talented, famous director in Hollywood.

      The world of Mass Effect is definitely Star Wars worthy. In terms of interest and popularity it isn't there, that would go to Halo (whos universe is just as diverse, interesting and well fantastic).

      I would compare them to Star Wars in terms of how they would be in a movie. Mass Effect would suit Star Wars more than Halo. Halo is more focused on Master Chief against the Covenant. Mass Effect would have numerous character stories with the range of alien species and planets etc... AND it has the Normandy.

      Call it a tie. NOT Call of Duty.

        Jay, you are the biggest Halo fanboy.

          ...what? He spoke about Mass Effect AND Halo. He said they were equal.

    Screw that, the closest thing we have to a modern star wars is the first Matrix film.

    Seriously, it's a movie that like starwars before it, completly redefined the way people look at movies, influence an entire generation of film makers, has seen countless copies, had the creators let the power go to there head and make poor follow ups, has an extensive and overly complicated extended universe that is barley hinted at in the movies etc etc.

    I'd class Modern Warfare as something closer to the Matrix. Kick-ass first entry that was good enough to sell some disapointing, high budget sequels.

    I've got to agree with everyone else that Mass Effect is the closest thing in recent history to Star Wars. Perhaps even the closet thing gaming has ever had to Star Wars. They created a living, breathing universe and set their game in it.
    Halo does have a big extended universe, but the core trilogy didn't build on it enough for it to stand on its own. When you step outside of the stuff covered in the first three games it all start to feel like its been created for the spin-off.

    Star Wars is still this generation's Star Wars.

    Nah, star wars is more like star wars.

    So am I the only one who didn't forget that the past decade we had the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies and a tonne of games along with it including an MMO. If anyone is going to try and say something is the Star Wars of our generation I'd say that is more suitable than some generic FPS or infact any videogame franchise for that matter.

    But if we are talking just video games, Call of Duty? Puh-lease love it or hate it World of Warcraft is bigger than anything else, 6 years old and more popular than anything the industry has ever seen.

      world of warcraft is this generations crack, its cheaper, more time consuming and has the same mood swings.

    COD... final fantasy is this generations star wars. just like star wars the first few were amazing mold breakers but the latter ones were tired cheep badly acted green screen jobs that were hoping on nostalgia and fanboyism to see them past the break even profit line

    I'm pretty confused at everybody saying that the follow-up to Star Wars was a disapointment... Empire Strikes Back is widely regarded (by myself included) as the best film in the original trilogy

    Wow. Someone needs to take a good hard look at themselves, and realised that they just compared CoD to Star Wars. Not a smart move.

    Hell, in terms of the 'good vs evil' politics & fighting, I'd say Killzone has a better chance of measuring up to Star Wars than COD ever does.

    I had thought High School Musical was this generations starwars?

    Hmm well I've seen Star Wars but haven't played CoD, so... I say he is wrong!!

    What in the world has he been sniffing? He is one of the biggest idiots in the gaming industry to date. Star Wars is completely different to CoD and I enjoy both but to be honest. BF:BC2 is much better then any CoD available (yes I know a lot of people will fight this point but it's my opinion only)

    Wow, what a puffed-up, deluded twit! Just because CoD has made a shitload of money doesn't mean it can be compared even the SLIGHTEST to the legacy of the original Star Wars trilogy. That is seriously one of the dumbest things I've heard in a long time.

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