Aion Goes 2.0 In September

The Elysea and Asmodae take the battle to the Balaur this September, when Ncsoft releases the first major free expansion for the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game Aion, Assault on Balaurea.

Assault on Balaurea is the full name of Aion's 2.0 update, which we've discussed previously at length. The expansion pack sized update gives the player characters a chance to take the fight against the powerful Balaur to their homeworld of Balaurea, gaining five new levels in the process, courtesy of level cap increase to 55.

It's not just about high level content either. New and updated instances and zones, new weapons, and the introduction of functional in-game pets should give players of all levels something to be excited about.

The expansion launches on September 7 in North America and Europe as a free download. Those wishing to pay for their free expansion packs will be able to purchase a retail box on release day in North America (September 10 in Europe) that features exclusive in-game pets.

Check out the new screens below to see how the world of Atreia is changing this fall.


    Ugh, there's that soulless grindfest I was trying to forget existed.

    This game disgusts me :(

      The game wasn't made for everyone. It's a harsh environment that the majority of western people (read: people bored with WoW) don't want to play, they just want a free ride. If you enjoy being challenged and forced to work with allies, then it's an extremely well designed game.

    Still don't think it'll be enough to get me back into the game. My issue wasn't with the content, it was with the fundamental gameplay- surprisingly NOT the grind, but the extremely dull and linear skill development and character systems.

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