Alabama GameStops Spoofing NCAA 11 Tebow Cover?

Alabama GameStops Spoofing NCAA 11 Tebow Cover?

An Alabama GameStop allegedly made a cover of a crying Tim Tebow – who (in)famously wept as Alabama beat Florida for last year’s SEC championship – and inserted it into the cases of NCAA Football 11 games on display.

I say allegedly because, though they could have seen through my poor impersonation of a ‘Bama fan when I called to inquire, none of the three GameStops in Tuscaloosa, where this is said to have occurred, said they had any knowledge of the cover or had any games with one on hand.

Loosely paraphrasing, here’s one such conversation:

“Thank you for calling GameStop, where you can buy two used games and get one free, my name is Eric, how may I help you?”

(Me:) “WHOOOOOO!!!!! RAMMER JAMMER YELLAHAMMER!! Hey I hear y’all got video games with ‘at sissy-boy Tebow cryin’ on th’ cover – ‘at true?”

“Sorry, sir, no idea what you’re talking about.”

I did, seriously, ask the three locations and got denials, and I have emailed GameStop corporate to ask if this stunt’s on the level. I also emailed an EA Sports rep and got a no-comment.

Doesn’t sound like a bigtime scandal. Hell, I’m sure at least one Tide fan went in there to preorder Madden, saw the cover, and bought three – his-and-hers copies, plus a keepsake for the baby on the way.

And speaking as someone who has stolen rival schools’ newspapers and replaced them with outrageous spoofs on gameday, this sounds like it was done in that spirit. So, good on you y’all.

Tim Tebow has a Special NCAA 11 Cover in Alabama [SB Nation, image from SB Nation]

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