All The FarmVille You Can Eat

Uber popular real-time farming sim FarmVille has players grow their own fruits and vegetables. That's a game. In real life, people buy crap from convenience stores.

As previously mentioned, FarmVille has a cross-promotion at convenience store chain 7-Eleven with FarmVille branded snacks. The cross-promotion also features in-game FarmVille items that include a sandwich cart, a water tower and a swimming pool that apparently come with purchases of 7-Eleven FarmVille food.

This is what said food looks like. Nothing quite says "fresh produce" like 7-Elevens.

Hey, I like 7-Eleven! I really do!

FarmVille Groceries are Real, and Tastier Than Pixels [Gizmodo]


    The food is probably just as healthy as Farmville...

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