All You Need To Know About Warriors Of Rock's Quest Mode

Technically all you need to know about the Quest Mode in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is that Gene Simmons from Kiss is in it, but some additional information on the Warriors and their powers doesn't hurt.

I'm getting a little tired of music games at this point, but if I had to choose between Rock Band 3's more realistic approach to playing and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock's Quest Mode, I'd probably go with the latter. The past couple of generations have produced games with no real goals other than to play through all the songs and get high scores. I wouldn't mind having an actual game to play.

Besides, if I wanted to play a real guitar, I'd find the one I have stuffed in the back of my closet somewhere.


    Choosing Guitar Hero over Rock Band?

    Son, you just went full retard.



      plus I think these guys paid a little too much attention to Brutal Legend

    Wow...Harmonix really has you guys brainwashed good.

      and Activision must have you brainwashed.

      Obviously I'm not the only person who prefers the quality releases made by Harmonix who rather than releasing a new version of their game every two months prefer to heavily support ALL of their releases and then finally release a huge update in the form of a new game.

      Activision release a new GH every two months and then wonder what the hell happened when the market is flooded and nobody gives a shit about rhythym games.

    I think someone’s owes Tim Schafer a royalty check and some bonuses. Oh wait... its Activision, forget I said anything.

    Yes Harmonix charts better than Activision's franchise. So the charts will be better in RB3, but I think GH:WOR will be more *fun* to play. As Mike said: "I wouldn’t mind having an actual game to play."

      Yes, the game was fun when I played it last year WITHOUT the guitar peripheral.

    Guitar Hero is tha game for me. If I wanted to to play songs on a real guitar and have to learn them, well I would pick up my real guitar. I want to have fun with my mates quick and easy. I just wish there were more kiss songs.

    To all you Activision haters out there, take a closer look at this game before you criticise it because it's alot better than their shitty previous titles, so don't even put it in the same category. Plus the setlist so far is epic, way better than RB3's. Don't get me wrong i love Rockband aswell (320+ songs) but at this point i would buy this before RB3.

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