America McGee's Alice Vorpal Blade Goes Snicker-Snack For Real

In America McGee's Alice, an older, abuse-ravaged, mentally unstable Alice cuts a bloody path through an equally twisted Wonderland using her trust Vorpal Sword. Now Epic Weapons brings the Vorpal Sword to life.

Epic Weapons is creating the replica Vorpal Sword to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the release of America McGee's Alice. When the game was originally released, Alice was portrayed on the cover holding a bloody version of the Vorpal Sword, though the image proved too disturbing and was soon replaced with a wand and later some playing cards.

The version of the game with the Vorpal Sword on front sells big on eBay these days, so you can imagine how well an actual replica version of the weapon should do.

Limited to 1000 pieces, the replica Vorpal Blade is cast from Japanese stainless steel, with highly-detailed etching moulds utilised to give the weapon its signature appearance.

So how do you get your hands on it, aside from accidentally killing your family and spending a decade in a mental hospital being abused mentally and physically? Well you can preorder the Vorpal Sword at Epic Weapons for $US89.95, with the stand running you an additional $US19.95.

Or you can participate in the auction for the first 25 pieces, which will be distributed via live auction between July 25 and 31.

Visitors to the San Diego Comic-Con will also be able to preorder during the show.


    Good luck getting it through customs.

      as it is a collectors item, it will undoubtedly get through customs, whether you live in a state which requires you to have a permit, or pay extra taxes on the other hand...

      I believe collection blades without sharpened blades are permitted into customs, just need to declare it.
      I checked that last time I tried to get Frostmourne into Australia.

    that is absolutely stunning - what a fitting tribute to a fantastic game :D

    So people can import swords but I can't import Masterpiece Megatron?

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