And It's Official: LeBron Picks Miami

LeBron James just announced that he will leave Cleveland to join Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the NBA's Miami Heat, ending the greatest free agency courtship US sports have seen. Here he is in his new threads, via NBA 2K10.


    MIAMI HEAT!!! YEAAAAAHHHH. I've been following them since the Tim Hardaway days and man I'm so giddy right now....I think i creamed my pants!!

    Lets hope for a Miami Vs Lakers final!!!! So awesome that he's gone to Miami! Allthough a little bit of me wanted the see him play for the bulls, would have almost been like having Jordan return.

    Sad to see him leave the Cavs, but Miami are going to dominate now. Good move, Miami are one of my favorite teams :)

    what even happened to my beloved rockets.. *sigh*

    It's a move to win a championship ring that's for sure. It was Wade's team first and I'm not sure he's going to let King James come and steal his throne, Bosh has just gone from second fiddle to third. Similar moves have happened in the past but with players in the twilight of their careers, these guys are all in their prime. It will be interesting to see if they can all play together.

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    As a Heat fan since 95 this leaves me very conflicted.

    Great that his oncourt talent is teaming with DWade and Bosh - Bad that his douche behaviour and ego are coming with him.

    Still can't believe he bailed on his hometown team on live tv - even though the Cavs were best in regular season the last 2 years he feels Wade+Bosh is an easier path to the finals... he should have more confidence in his abilities.

    Regardless welcome to the Heat Bron - you can be Pippen to DWade's Jordan :)

    NOOOOOOOOOO LEBRON. Stay with the Cavs and prove yourself instead of using D WADE and C BOSH. If he doesnt get to the NBA finals then its not gonna happen anytime soon

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