And Now, For Some Drawings Of Oregon Trail, Game Boy & Robocop

Reader Bill emailed us earlier this week, asking if we would like to post some of his drawings. "Sure would", we replied, because they're great.

They're not all about gaming, but still, they're all about stuff you'll still find interesting. Like Admiral Ackbar's pizza party, the ULTIMATE Oregon Trail WARRIOR and what appears to be Robocop's fourth Prime Directive.

We now all have enough wallpapers to last us the winter/summer.

You can see more over on Bill's blog, below.

[Bill Kiley]


    Messed up but epic beyond belief.

    BAM new wallpaper.

    Excellent artist! Love his "Dr.Morgan freeman" picture, don't think anythings going to replace that wallpaper anytime soon!

    wow - they sure are bloody odd - i'll give him that much lol

      oh - but i will say the Morgan Freeman one is pretty awesome :P

    Day = made.

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