And Now For The Rest Of The (Beginning Of The) Story ...

If you saw that 30-second teaser on Thursday and wondered what the heck was going on with Batman's costume and Superman's lack of a shave, this six-minute video setting up DC Universe Online's story should answer a lot of questions.

Thanks to Antiterra for the tip.



      EPIC is right.... WOW !

    You know what, this would make a good movie.

    I don't get how this is going to work online. Is Superman going to be a class?.....

      Custom superheroes. Stars will be Sony/WB workers.

    Wow, dammit why does it need to be a monthly subscription. Also Batman looks weird in armor and by the looks of it the superman with the stubble is the bad one (batman vs superman) and wonder woman.....HAWT :D

    Sony and their feud with Microsoft...morons could make MORE money, but no, they have a pissing contest with them instead, and the gamers lose.

      I have no idea what your point is. Not being a d-bag, just want to understand what your upset about?

      Is it that there's no X-box version?

    This is now on my Radar.

    Did... did I just see Wonder Womans cans?

    It was a wardrobe malfunction, I swear!

      That was her shoulder >.>


      Superman angry rawr :>

    So thats how they REALLY fight.

    Looks completely awesome. Sucks that it's $15 USD a month. I might have broken my no-P2P code if it was cheaper, but... yeah.

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