Angry Birds HD's Big, Buggy Update Might Make You An Angry Person

If you're a fan of Angry Birds on the iPhone, it stands to reason that you'd enjoy angrier, higher-definition birds on your iPad. That app just got a pig-popping, 45-level update, but it's reportedly crashing just like its birds.

The big iPad update finally justifies the $6 price tag (as opposed to the $1.19 non-HD version), with new themes, achievements and a host of new levels. But App Store reviewers are saying that it's crashing like crazy, and some are even reporting that the update is erasing all of their progress in the game. For anyone who plays, there's no need to explain how serious a disaster that would be.

The Angry Birds team has submitted a bug-fixing update the App Store and hopefully it'll get approved soon. To recap: Angry Birds HD just got a lot more awesome, but don't spring for the update quite yet. [iTunes]


    I lost my save when I updated my iPhone to iOS4.

    I wasn't happy that day.

    my iPad crashed and rebooted into safe mode. Other times it takes forever after killing for it to register you completed the round.

      I've been wondering what was up after today. I updated recently and now the program won't even start sometimes, it just goes back to the home screen after I try running it. I haven't lost any progress (knock on wood) but it's annoying to reboot several times just to play. Hope they fix this soon, it's my fav app on my iPad.

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