Another Chanbara Movie Ditches Cowboy Hat (And Clothes)

Another Chanbara Movie Ditches Cowboy Hat (And Clothes)

Those hack-and-slash Onechanbara video games have been made into motion pictures that, like the games, mix violence and titillation. A spin-off Chanbara movie goes straight to the titillation.

Out on home video this month in the West, Chanbara Striptease is what you’d expect from a movie called Chanbara Striptease. Though, the original Japanese title “Oppai Chanbara” seems to be slightly more accurate. (“Oppai” means “breasts” or “chest” in Japanese.) From the review:

There are a couple of moments of inspired madness, the most memorable of which involves characters using their breasts to wield swords during a duel, and this helps to keep things moving along quite nicely.

Created by the folks that made the Onechanbara films, the flick follows 20-year-old Lilli as she is transported back to 18th Century Japan where she learns she can increase her fighting abilities by flashing her norgs.

second Onechanbara film
first Onechanbara film

Starring a horde of former and current Japanese porn actresses, Chanbara Striptease isn’t directly connected to the Onechanbara games from developer Tamasoft. It’s as if the producers of Chanbara Beauty flicks just made a chanbara (swordplay) flick with magical breasts and are trying to pass this off as an Onechanbara film. Not that anyone who watches this really cares!

This might be akin to what happens in the West with movies like White Men Can’t Jump spawning something like White Men Can’t Hump. However, Chanbara Striptease is not a hardcore adult video! The producers of the movie have cleverly even used the font from the original Onechanbara film.

The first Onechanbara game was released in 2004 on the PS2 as part of D3 Publisher’s “Simple 2000” series. The most recent entry in the series is 2009 Wii game Onechanbara Revolution.


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