Aperture Science, Now In Your Bedroom

It's so simple; all you need is a mirror, some blue paint, and a love for Valve's masterpiece in virtual teleportation.

Suitably, considering this comes from Sweden, the mirror is from IKEA (a Kolja, if you're taking notes), and the rest really is as simple as it looks. Just paint a two-tone blue border around the oval-shaped mirror, stick it on your wall, and you're good to go.

Those requiring the full Portal effect, just buy two mirrors and get some orange paint!

Min Portal-spegel [Gamereactor]


    I think a hole in the wall would work better.

      Put an orange one on the opposite wall! Make for some cool visuals. In fact why would you make a blue one without an orange on the other side.

        This. It would almost look like a repeating portal tunnel.

          And you'd be able to walk through it like a real portal as well!

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