Archetype Isn't Your Typical iPhone First-Person Shooter

Speaking of first-person shooters, Villain has just released Archetype for the iPhone, a quick-and-dirty online FPS that crams all the features you'd expect in a PC game into a tiny little package.

Looks pretty good for an iPhone first-person shooter, doesn't it? Developed by MunkyFun, Archetype is an attempt to bring the console and PC FPS experience to the iPhone. It features five-on-five team-based online multiplayer death matches playable via Wi-Fi or 3G connections. It's got five maps, six weapons and a ranking system to let others know how good you are with those weapons. There's even an offline practice mode for players like me, who suck completely at first-person shooters.

Plus it's optimised to run on the iPhone 4, giving owners something pretty to do while they're busy not getting phone calls.

Archetype is available on iTunes right now for $3.99.


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