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Every Wednesday, the good shepherd Gooseface asks you to Ask Him Stuff. I possess a mere shadow of his gaming knowledge - but while the Goose is away, the Junglist will play. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Now, fire away with those questions :)


    Know if any Aussies are going to Evo this year? Wish them luck.

        GET HYPE!

    Hi, is there an official statement on the new slim Xbox 360 overheating. Can be viewed on youtube.

      Well...if you watch the Youtube vid you will see its because the Wii was blocking the exaust ports...

        Nintendo: "Exactly as planned...!"

    Hey Junglist, I just wanted to ask you a question, is there any word on when Earthworm Jim HD will be out for PSN?, Thanks!

      The last I read somewhere, the 360 was enjoying a 1 month headstart over all platforms, so hopefully it will be in the next week or 2...

    What time does the AU XBL Marketplace update with the new week's content?

    In your opinion, what is the best game off all time.



    Made me think of Gooseface Killah (Wu Tang Clan).... funny

    Sorry, should ask you stuff huh?

    Your name is Junglist (Gamertag I recall)
    How did you come up with that and why. I am actually really interested in knowing why people pick certain GT's...there is almost always a story.

    Not a friend of mine on PSN. His name is Callan and his PSNID is 'callan1' (because Callan was taken).

    My GT is FatShady Live:
    FatShady because I did musical parodies under the name FatShady on Nova some years back (if you want to see, FatShady1 on Youtube) and because I was essentially a fatter version of 'slim' Shady (Eminem). The Live was added because FatShady was already taken.. although i have never found them?

    As an open question to anyone else who wants to share.. why did you select yours?

      Mine just comes from a love of jungle/drum&bass music, Fat. Occasionally I go with Iniesta, after the football player. Not very creative, I know! But I don't do things in halves, I typically get very fanatic about things, and jungle music is one of them.

      And yeah, I called him Gooseface Killah on my last Kotaku stint heheh :P

        wow that was kinda unexpected haha

        shiny penny for anyone that can guess the origin of my handle?

        Clue - it's nsfw! YAY! haha

          I so desperately want to know now. All I can think of is tulip. As far as I'm aware tulips aren't nsfw. Unless it's some horrible euphemism. Like flesh tulip. Or love tulip. I'll stop now.

          Is it Czech for "rural house"? I don't see how that's NSFW.

        Who are your favourite DNB/Jungle artists? I'm loving the new Netsky joint atm

          SubFocus! And the London Elektricity Jazz Cafe stuff. Awesome business.

            Yeah that new Sub Focus album is huuuuuge. Will check out 'Jazz Cafe.' If your into liquid, you can't go past Bungle, Just a Little Bit is my favourite DNB tune, ever.

              I officially have NO idea what you two are on about... But then If i started talking about Reef the Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Apathy, Immortal Technique, you would prob have no idea what I am on about...

              Then again, the Wu Tang reference suggests some idea?

                Drum and Bass is a genre of dance/electronica. You are talking about rap (which is cool too haha).

    Hey Jung, what do you do with yourself when you're not filling in here at Kotaku?

    Also, out of curiosity, what are you best and worst games of all time?

      Best AND worst, eh? The best for me is easily Ocarina of Time. In many ways it was the foundation of modern gameplay.

      As for worst, I don't usually play bad games because I research before sinking plenty of hours... But out of fanboyism I played the Aqua Teen Hunger Force game on PS2, and it was funny when Master Shake said "Leeeeroooooy Jenkins!" the first time, but man, that game was balls. The Lost game and Wii Music were also quite terrible for me.

        Wow everyone is so helbent on Occarina.. one of my ex's played it 5 times through.. and yet, i'm still yet to play it!

        Mind you i do have it on my gamecube (came with wind waker)... so maybe i will dive into it after Mass Effect and War For Cybertron..

        I also recently got Deus Ex, so you and David can fight over which one i play first maybe? :P

          I think one thing he'll have to concede is that OoT has withstood the test of time better! I don't think I'd go back and play Deus Ex now, but I revisited OoT recently on its 10 year anniversary. A bit dated, obviously, but even if you don't have the nostalgia factor, it's enjoyable seeing where a lot of today's common gaming puzzles and mechanics came from.

            Oh yeh, for sure!

            Personally i love playing older games - there are just so many classics that i need t find time to get around to.. Ok you win OoT will be first cab off the ranks once i'm done with the current games haha

          Gorram it Loops. Play Ocarina RIGHT THIS INSTANT!
          It is pretty much agreed upon as the best game of all time. Sure, the graphics might be a little dated, as with some of the gameplay, by today's standards, but it is so awesome that I think I'm starting to rant about it, yes? *drools*

          Only major flaw:
          'Hey, Listen!'
          That poo will drive you insane.

        I don't know if I'm relieved that your name doesn't come from Carl Jung.

    Hey Jung, how do you think the foxtel subscription through xbox live will be priced? will it be relatively cheaper as you have to pay an xbox live gold subscription?

      Hmm, not sure! I'll have to look out for that... Hopefully it'd be similar to normal, but it wouldn't surprise me if they tack a bit extra on for the convenience. But I guess you'd want to be with one of the ISPs like iinet that don't meter Xbox Live content if you're gunna be streaming Foxtel!

    Hey Jung.
    Just wondering if you are ever going to venture back onto TV... Im a big fan of yours and miss having games reviewed and critique by intelligent people. Prehaps a youtube review show......

      Cheers dude :) I thought of doing the YouTube thing. The concept of Google Ads is scary, not knowing how much money will be coming in until it's there!

      You probably won't see me on TV for a while, but it's looking like there'll be some video content on GameArena before long - first going through E3 stuff, and eventually shifting focus into reviews. The Kotaku E3 videos were well received I think, so there's a good chance we'll be taking that stuff further as well :)

        Well what eva you do, Im sure it will be 10 times betta than the shite on the ABC these days

    Not sure if you can answer this one...

    Naughty Bear was featured fairly heavily on this site in the lead up to it's release. From the start I knew that it was going to be a major flop... and it turns out it pretty much is.

    Now my question is, Why was this game ever covered on Kotaku? Is Kotaku paid off by developers or publishers? Because if I could smell that this game was going to be as bad as it is... surely enough Kotaku would have seen it coming a mile away!

      Not sure Ezy, I'm guessing you're talking about editorial? My guess would be that the US guys were just having fun with the idea of a serial killing teddy bear.

      The copy only just came in here, so I'm not sure if they had early code in the US. But, y'know, geek culture stuff like that usually gets posts. Not just Kotaku, everywhere. Just like there's a bump in all news, previews etc when a game has the word "zombie" in the title. Devs are just riding the culture wave.

      I bet that game Privates will get a disproportionate amount of media interest to how fun it is. But it's a game set in a vagina. That's either brilliant or terrible marketing, depending on your point of view :P

      id say it was because even tho the game didnt look a 100% the adverts that they were putting out were funny and that if the game was able to achieve the same thing that some of its failings might not have been as negative for the game

    Hey Jung, do you have any info on Skate 3?

    I have a problem, there's all these parts in the park builder which I can't use until I unlock them by selling 1 million boards, but I've actually sold heaps more than that, and it won't unlock them!!! I have found one question on the ea forum about it, but it hasn't been answered!

    Is this a tricky way to make me pay for the unlock? Cause I won't do it I tells ya!

    Quick and possibly obvious question-

    Junglist here = same Junglist from the *good* goodgame series?

      Yep :)

    Julia Gillard or Oprah Winfrey?

      Oprah commands an army of the American female middle-class. Julia's army would squabble over leadership on the eve of battle.

      Thus, Oprah wins the deathmatch.

    So how is it pronounced? Ko-tack-u (really fast, like that lady did in one of your E3 videos), or Ko-tah-ku. I'm curious.

      At Kotaku Australia HQ, we pronounce it Ko-TAH-ku. I believe that they pronounce it KOH-tah-ku in Japan, though.

      yeh - pretty much what Elly said...

      Seeing as it's from a Japanese word, i just say it the way the Japanese would koh-tah-ku - at least that's how it sounds, not spellt obviously lol

        Excellent. So I don't sound like an idiot when I mention the name to my friends.

          Also, random thought, why are you advertising Kotaku on Kotaku itself? I understand gizmodo and life hacker being advertised, but kotaku? Seriously?

    Any word on when (or if) we'll be getting DLC for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker?


      I've not heard a single thing about DLC for PW. That'd be a first for the MGS series (excluding Online).

        you find it in the extras menu same mgs4, and there was plenty of dlc for mgs4!

        Also, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater had DLC (mostly new camoflage) you just neaded either a PS2 modem or a PS2 slim and an internet disc.

    I probably didn;t win, but do we know WHO won the Crysis 2 comp??

    Hey, Jung.
    Are we ever going to see any of the Spyro ps1 games on the aussie Playstation Store?

    Any release date for Yugioh decade duels on XBLA? I can only see Q2 2010 and I believe we passed that milestone a couple of days ago!

      Yeah mee too.... I forgot about this but am keen to get it. Part of me still craves the challenge that game delivers...

    Do you accept my challenge to shoot you in the face in R6V2?

      Sorry, I play real games.

        good try but failed delivery - I do believe it is a real game but you meant to say something along the lines of good games or so

        name your poison then, infidel.

          How bout we pick a better 1v1 game. Console shooters are cute but competitive FPS/RTS belongs on the PC. How about SC2? Have you had beta access?

            starcraft 2?
            no PC gaming really
            nothing competitive just a bit of fun (and bragging rights for the victor)

              How about some FIFA? Or some XBLA games?

    Do you happen to know what happened to Indie game "Fez"? Last I heard, about a year ago, is that it was due out early 2010.

      I don't! It looks like they're getting asked that question a bit though judging by their FAQ:

      "Q: Is Fez cancelled?
      A: Yes. I mean, No.
      Q: When is it coming out?
      A: Yes."

      Looks like a really cool game though. Like Crush, or Super Paper Mario Wii.

        I agree. It'a a game I've been trying to keep an eye on. Even though I don't own an Xbox...

    Hey Junglist,

    Small question revolving around the Steam Region pricing etc topic....

    Has Kotaku ever gotten an official response from the publishers about why they jack AUS prices so high? and why we pay such a jacked up price for the same level of enjoyment as the US counterarts?

    After the last major round of sales i think it started to sow alittle to much how publishers ripping off our region...

      I can't speak for Kotaku, but I can tell you the only reason prices are so high is because people are willing to pay them. Ten years ago, when retail boxes reigned supreme and the exchange rate was much different, there was a bit more of an excuse. But as times have changed, retailers/publishers just haven't. It's not so much price fixing as sticking with an outdated norm.

      Canada had the same issue, and a massive petition helped them bring prices down, if not as far as they wanted. But on this issue, for Aussies, our only vote is with our dollar. We just don't use it. Perhaps our no worries (some would say apathetic) attitude works against us in these situations.

    Hi Jung. Just wondering if you had heard about any new Mass Effect 2 DLC that is due after the current Aegis pack? There is a comment in that article that says:

    "I’ve heard some well-sourced rumours that a large Awakening-esque expansion for ME2 is well underway and will be announced relatively soon. Hopefully it provides better value than an avalanche of tiny weapon and mission packs.".

    Can we get the sleuths at Kotaku to follow up on this?

      Something large would definately make me want to play Mass Effect 2 again. At the moment, though, there is just too much other stuff to do before repeating ME2 a third time...

    Is this too late to be asking a question?

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