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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday from 1pm.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    So, it's been a few months now - David, where's my Elephant? :P

    Also: I've been talking about War for Cybertron a lot - have you played it yet? what do you think of it? or is this in the category of " haven't gotten around to yet"

    Also also: last week Jung said that, having played neither yet, you'd support his recommendation that i play Ocarina of Time over Deus Ex... what say you?

      I've yet to play War for Cybertron, in part because I've hardly played any games recently, but mostly because I have no interest whatsoever in Transformers. (I can't even remember if I've ever watched the cartoon.)

      I could never condone the playing of Ocarina of Time over Deus Ex. Not that there's anything wrong with Zelda; it's good... but it's no Deus Ex.

        haha i knew Jung was getting ahead of himself!

        Deus Ex it is then! Maybe i should install it tonight.. hmm

        As for the transformers thing, i'm shocked and appalled... Should i go ahead and make you some copies of G1 then? lol

          Do it.

          Play Deus Ex, that is. Not the other bit...

        No interest in Transformers?

        No interest in giant robots that kick ass and can transform into vehicles?

        For shame, Goose, for shame.

        And supporting anything over Ocarina of Time?!? (Sounds somewhat fanboy-ish when I put it like that, no?)


          i actually think having seen what bay done to the movies

          its actually a positive

          and besides what you really need are "Dinosaucers" transforming alien dinosaurs

          or budgie the helicopter both work

        in that case skip it. its one of those games which is redeemed by its licence.

        good dialouge, design choices and plot from an existing franchise(all of which the game assumes your already familiar with) covering average gameplay and weak singleplayer.

        its like star wars: empire at war. average RTS redeemed by its licence.

        the Soundwave boss fight is one of the best boss fights i have had this year, after the Rail cannon boss in lost planet. but mostly because it was soundwave.

      I was thinking the same thing before i opened the page. Wheres my elephant... lol

      ... Later;

      Grandpa Simpson and Abe: "I like this song"

    What game should I buy next?

      Dare i say War for Cybertron? lol

        War for Cybertron needs support if we want High Moon to make another one. So that.

        Also, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an exceedingly good game. But whoever the hapless bastard is that came up with the 242nd star needs to be shot.


        Sounds like a plan.

        ooo thats also a damn good idea

        Definately! Really looking forward to playing a game thats referred to as the love-child of 'Monkey Island' and 'Diablo'. I'll be getting it as soon as its live on the PSN.

        Its getting released on the UK store tomorrow, so hopefully us Aussies don't get screwed over akin to 'Lead and Gold' which had a two month delay, or 'Zombie Apocalypse' which is not even available here.

    Are you aware of the seemingly Australia-wide installation problem with downloading the PSN game Flower? I bought the thing a while back after purchasing it and downloaded it fine but it crapped up when installing. I looked into it and it seems this particular error is localised to this country and as result, I don't think it's ever possible for me to play Flower. Like ever. Which sucks. Heard of this at all?

    P.S. Far Cry 3. In Space. E3 2011. Look for it.

      I had that problem too. I thought it was just me.

      No, I was not aware of this at all. (Flower worked fine for me.) Is it a new issue? Or has it been a problem since launch? Either way, I'll ask Sony about it.

      P.S. Hmm. With Clint Hocking gone and Patrick Redding now at Ubi Toronto working on Splinter Cell, I'm not sure what the future holds for Far Cry. I'd still be shocked if it weren't set in Africa though...

      my copy, bought at launch, worked fine?

    David, Did you finish Demon's Souls? What class did you start out with? What class did you end with? Did you seek forum help or work it all out in game and by yourself?

      I keep starting over again with different characters - Rogue, Wanderer, Knight, and one other I think. I still haven't played it all the way through. The core gameplay is enjoyable enough that I really don't mind replaying worlds over and over...

        That strangely makes me feel better, as while I'm enjoying the gameplay as far as progress goes; I'm scaling the rialto towers with a rubber band and a single thong. (The Au style not the international variation)

    How do you see the Video Game market at the moment? Should we be fearful of a crash or something?

    I'm very cautious at the moment for a couple of reasons.

    First of all, the recent news stories about the GAME stores and them doing the whole 'restructure of management' thing... Not long after that they have the biggest gaming sale I think I've ever seen. Potential liquidation sale? Perhaps it already would have occurred if they were in that much trouble. The crazy sale just past obviously has generated alot of cash for them in the short term, but some of the deals they were doing they obviously weren't profiting from.

    Secondly, this is more about publishers in general, the market is very competitive and 2010 has already seen some really good quality games to hit the shelves along with all the other rubbish.

    It seems like it's getting harder for publishers to make sure it's their game is getting purchased. Which has seen many games being slashed in price only weeks after release.

    Prince of Persia, Neir, Alpha Protocol are 3 recent games released in June already selling for half the RRP. Lost Planet 2 has hit new lows in price this week, but it was already about $60 in the early part of June, same goes for games like Bayonetta, BioShock 2, Final Fantasy XIII from earlier this year. Activision were aggressive with Singularity and Blur, setting a RRP that was below the past average.

    Seems like most 3rd games are getting a significant price drop within 4-6 weeks of being released. I can't imagine it all being retailer driven and get the feeling there will be casualty in the future, but not sure who and from where it will come.

      oggob its also the eofy which is normally why these stores have there massive sales because they dont want to have to count stock(though i am surprised EB's is still going(and ill be damned if they didnt magically appear with a bunch of PC releases they said they didnt stock when i was looking for them at release)

      Prince of Persia, Neir, Alpha Protocol

      as for those games(while i havent played neir) none of them were huge successes anyway plus theres always the chance they sell them people play them and trade em back next month after the sale and they then sell them at 10 dollars under whateva full copy is at that point in time

    Should I buy Alpha Protocol? I’ve been reading reviews and the general consensus is that the game isn’t much to look at, but is actually rather good.

    Anyone know of any good deals on it?

    Also, I may have missed a post, but who ended up winning the imagine cup in Poland?

      Alpha Protocol is definitely worth a look. It's a good RPG in the sense that the skills you choose genuinely matter and the choices you make have meaningful consequences. It's a terrible action game though, so don't go in expecting Splinter Cell or Mass Effect 2.

        But, is Alpha protocol trying to be an action game? Or can I approach it from whatever angle I choose? For example does the game only give me the illusion of choice and then just punish me for trying to do things my own way?

          No, it's not trying to be an action game. I do think, however, that some people have criticised it as such. They see a third-person view, a gun and some gadgets and think, "Why doesn't this play like Splinter Cell?" or "Why can't I shoot properly?"

            except in a way it does play like splintercell

            its just that most people dont play splinter cell like a stealth game and the most recent one wasnt designed as a stealth game imo

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was, and still is, an excellent FPS on Xbox with great team play. Are there any rumours of a new version coming out?

      I've not heard anything about a new Rainbow Six, Vegas or otherwise. Given that, in terms of the Clancy license, we've seen HAWX and Splinter Cell: Conviction released since Vegas 2 and have HAWX 2 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier on the way, I would expect that another Rainbox Six must surely be next on the agenda.

    Can you explain the ending of Alan Wake to me? Cos I'm like WTF aye.

      Remember the quote from the very beginning of the game about how the "unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest"? You're still thinking about what happened in Alan Wake because they didn't wrap everything up neatly at the end. What makes it interesting and worthy of discussion is just how open to interpretation it is.

      I think Wake is probably dead. One of the strongest themes throughout the game was that of balance, especially with regard to light and dark. To rescue Alice from the darkness, Alan most likely had to sacrifice himself. As a result, he's now discovered an entire ocean of it...

    Do you have a good set of headphones to use for playing games when the rest of the house needs quiet? I'm looking to buy a pair and was wondering if you have come across any that are worthy of your recommendation. I'm looking for anything under about $200.

    I'm sick of being kicked off because of the noise in our very small house!

      I don't use headphones for gaming, but I asked my colleague and gadget guru Seamus Byrne for his suggestion. He reckons you should go for the Steel Series Siberia V2.

      So there you go!

      Audio Technica ADH-700. These were recommended to me a lot when I was looking, and they are closed headphones so don't leak any sound.
      I ended up going with the next model up the AD-900 (open can though), and they are incredible with fantastic sound positioning as well(being open helps this).
      Google 'Headphonic' and go to their forum, this exact question pops up quite often there.
      (not an employee, I just found it useful when I was looking for the same thing).

      For Xbox the Turtle Beach are excellent. Wireless and awesome sound.

    hello David,

    Has the new pos at allure media for an admin assistant filled up yet?
    If not, I know the position provides assistance to the women's section of allure but will it also be providing editorial assistance to kotaku as well?

      I believe the role is pretty much 100% focused on our Sugar network blogs. How's your knowledge of celeb gossip and makeup tips?

        I don't think I can imagine two 'worlds' further apart?

        Maybe someone needs to create a video game where each stage is inspired by the various blogs of allure media! I'm guessing it'll have to be a platformer.

          Not that far apart.

            That is neither gaming or fashion but a whole new world upon itself ...


        Second only to my pure gaming knowledge >=D

    OOOOO!!! i mentioned this yesterday in "Talk amongst yourselves" , but still am unsure as to the answer

    So force unleashed sith edition has come out on 360 and appears to be exclusive to JB. My question is, that if i possess the original, will the new one recognize my old saves if i pick it up, so i can just slug on with the extra stuff?

    Or am i just better off buying all the DLC separately?

    For that matter does the sith edition include anything that isn't available as DLC?

      Just buy the DLC.

    Hi Dave,

    Welcome back... I don't mean to be a bother but what happened to the community award?

    Would you recommend getting Lost Planet 2?, I know there was the Bargain Hunter article, but it was drowned in LP2 hate. So do you think its worth a purchase?

    Will the Kotaku Bookclub ever make a return?

    In coma, what do you do after you go through the penis worm's mouth and get shot out again? I'm stuck.

      From memory, I think you have to go talk to someone...

      Pick up the orange ball thingy near the worm's, er, exit hole... that will allow you to swing over the gap at the end of the drain (where the blob was stuck that you deflated with the fishing hook). Hope that helps.

    Just saw your post on Imagine and it reminded me of a question I'd thought or last week.

    How did you score the judging gig in Poland? Was it a case of right place right time or did you have to formally apply for the job?

    Just curious, it must have been a great trip!

    David - can you find out why Blacklight: Tango Down is not available to Aussies on XBL? It's out everywhere else. According to, it hasn't been rated RC or anything like that. Perhaps the Classification Board is just taking its time... ?

      I don't know for sure. Best guess is that since publisher Ignition Entertainment does not have a presence in Australia, they have not had it submitted for classification. I'll see if I can find out though.

        Cheers David! Much appreciated.


    Do you know if anybody has any intention of ever making a new Legacy of Kain?

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