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Every Wednesday I ask you to Ask Me Stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

I’ll be doing this every Wednesday from 1pm.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    im a fps junkie should i get sniper ghost warrior?

      A real junkie wouldn't need to ask this question, they'd just get it for the hit without a moment's thought for the game's quality.

        well mr wildgoose were not all made of money i have to be picky when it comes to budget fps some times i wait for them to go half price, didnt need the smart ass answer

          Sniper is a C-grade shooter that only FPS junkies could possibly derive enjoyment from. If you buy it, make sure it's from somewhere that accepts returns.

    What would your career have been if you never got into journalism?

      I've never really thought about doing anything else, to be honest. I did dabble in games public relations for a few years, but that was more an extension of my interest in the games industry than any particular passion for the PR profession. If I could make a living out of it, I'd want to try writing fiction as an alternative to journalism. (Yes, I know what you're thinking.) Who knows, maybe one of these days...

    Hey David, will you be giving your opinion on what you deemed were the best captions for the Dead Rising pic.
    Alas, I know it isn't a comp...
    Alas x 2, I know I didn't win, but still, it'll be good to give credit where credit's due.

      Maybe? If that's what you guys want?

      You're right, I only did it last week after Ubisoft unexpectedly offered up a prize. If I have time in future , I'll try to give a few shout-outs to my favourites. I do read them all though, so keep 'em coming!

    How many hours do you sink in a title before you are comfortable penning your opinion on it? Do you make it a goal to complete the main campaign or story mode or is it on a case by case bases?

    Once you have completed a review for a game and decided to play it in your own time, do you continue from where you where professionally or start from scratch and keep that line between home and work?

      Man, it varies so much from game to game that it's impossible to fix on a specific number of hours. I don't think a reviewer necessarily needs to "finish" a game before reviewing it, chiefly because what counts as "finishing" is always going to be in dispute. Games are too open, too multi-faceted and comprise too many discrete options and nebulous possibilities for one critic to exhaust everything that can be seen or experienced.

      Any review is governed by time constraints. Is the reviewer who uses that time to burn through Red Dead Redemption's main story missions better equipped to review said title than the reviewer who dips into the main story but mostly explores the world investigating the myriad options outside the critical path? I don't know that she is.

        Or perhaps Final Fantasy XIII - that took me over 40 hours to complete the story...

    Hi David

    How did you get to be soooo awesome at being awesome...

    I think you know why I feel this way!

    PS, you are awesome.

      Awesome question!




          Chestbumps are even more AWESOME!

            Not as awesome as my lovely lady lumps!

              I feel ill.

                ill as in "yo, that be ill dawg" - as in "awesome"?

    I'm not sure whether you're much of a fighting game afficionado but if you had the choice;

    Marvel vs Namco on either,

    A) Tekken fighting engine or B) Street Fighter fighting engine?

      I'm no fighting game fan, to be honest. Can I choose the International Karate+ engine?

    Hi David. I'm interested in your take on the timing of the free release of Alien Swarm on STEAM. Was Valve trying to generate some traffic on STEAM before Starcraft 2 hit?

      I'm not really sure what you mean by generating traffic on Steam before StarCraft II hits. Steam seems to be doing just fine generating traffic and I don't think the release of StarCraft II is likely to drive anyone away. Certainly, a free top-down shooter ain't going to persuade Star Craft fans to ignore the game they've been waiting 12 years for to ditch

      I suspect Alien Swarm was finished so Valve released it. That's typically how Valve works!

    I know it's illegal to sell a copy of Left 4 Dead 2 in Austraila from another region. My question is, is it legal to import region free and European games that have been rated for Australia, and un-altered between regions to be sold in Australia

      It certainly is legal. It's only illegal if the game was refused classification in this country.

      Your comment reminded me about the time I tried to import an uncut copy of Left 4 Dead 2... that was definitely a no no.
      In fact I still have the very legally worded 4 page document/letter telling me how naughty I was.

        Ouch. Unlucky.

        I managed to get two copies in from England :P

          I got a asia region free copy from play-asia and so did a few of my mate's.

          Nicely done... I think I tried to get mine from somewhere in Asia via ebay...

          What part of the letter says is:
          "...seized under the subsection 203B(2) of the Customs Act 1901... goods are forfeited to the Crown as Prohibited Imports under section 229(1)(b)... Importation of these goods is prohibited by Regulation 4A"

          And a whole bunch more... the letter also said that if I wanted to I could appeal their decision by taking it to court... but if they came to the conclusion that they were prohibited goods I "will lose the goods and may have to pay for Australian Customs and Border Protection Service's legal costs (usually around $400)"

          ...needless to say I let them keep the game.

    On the Dead Rising Outbreak Edition, originally reported as something available at the "Big 3" stores (EB, GAME, JB)

    GAME don't have a listing for it now, has the Outbreak Edition become a EB Games only product?

      I expect GAME has already exhausted their allocation. As mentioned in the original post, stock is limited to 1400 copies nationwide across the three stores. As the smallest of the three retailers, GAME would have received the fewest copies, probably no more than 200 in total.

        I'm actually fairly certain that Game actually never had it listed on their website. Every time i looked it wasn't there.. they only appear to advertising the regular edition.

        Probably best to ask in store?

          It was there, I did see it... Just haven't been able to get to a GAME store recently... and too lazy to call them... :p

            well bum... i stand corrected then

    EA as of late seem to have a good relationship with bringing extra content to the PS3 (MoH, Dead Space) Does this mean we may eventually see Mass effect on the PS3? I know the first game was published by Microsoft so that’s out of the question. But the second was published by EA and they love multi-platform games. Did Microsoft buy the exclusivity to all Mass effect titles? If so, would it be profitable for EA to just buy out that contract and release ME3 for all three systems?

    I need me some Mass effect

      My bet is that Microsoft has offered BioWare/EA considerable financial support - ie. co-marketing dollars - to ensure Mass Effect remains a console exclusive to the Xbox 360. If Microsoft pulls that support, then expect Mass Effect to appear on PS3.

      Dragon Age was released on three platforms and is BioWare's most successful game to date. That's no coincidence. I think EA will be looking at that and thinking, hmm, how many more copies would we sell if Mass Effect were on three platforms? Then they'd weigh up that financial gain with whatever funding they're receiving from Microsoft.

      Microsoft, on the other hand, want games that are exclusive to their platform. I think they'd dearly love Mass Effect to be as big as Halo and Gears of War, ie. a game that people buy the console for. But it isn't. It's not even close. So at what point does Microsoft say, well, paying for this exclusive isn't really benefitting us any more, let's cut it?

        Obviously I’d love to see Mass effect come to the PS3 so perhaps I’m not the most unbiased person ever. But I think it would be the better financial option to have ME come to the PS3. Surely the sales they could generate would be substantially more than Microsoft is offering as incentives to stay?

        How much could these Microsoft bonuses be worth anyway? Let’s say 10 million. Game/DLC sales would probably net you more than that.

        The chances are that more ME games will pop up after the trilogy is over. So shouldn’t EA just take one for the team on ME3 (maybe make a small loss) and generate more revenue in the long run.

          Don't forget the extra cost of developing a PS3 version, too.

            I just assumed they would make it on the 360 and port it to the PS3. That’s how I assume all games are developed, even the PS3 exclusives.

            It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m finally going to get a 360 elite. And I’m not going to be distracted and purchase other games until I have one. But.....I did see Alpha Protocol for $46 and Heavy rain for $58, Dragon Quest looks good too and Peace Walker.


              Most games these days are developed on both platforms simultaneously, sharing assets as they go. Even if a game was developed on 360 first then ported over to PS3, it costs plenty of money to do that.

                Why does platform exclusivity still exist these days? Obviously first party titles will always be limited to one console. But it just makes sense to me to release all 3rd party titles on every system possible. I can think of a handful of AAA titles that just 5 years ago were all console exclusives. So let’s hope exclusivity is a thing of the past.

                ....or I could just get a 360.

                I’d gladly trade in GOW3 to Xbox owners for ME 3. Too bad GOW3 is God awful.

            And the future cost of MS remembering that EA knifed them over a 3 or more product deal.

      idk the fact that your dealing with a pre established franchise and its the 3rd game thats meant to have tiebacks to the previous 2 your not gonna sway anyone from the pc or 360 area into switching to the PS3

      and the fact that the cover will have a 3 on it is probably a deterrent for some people when looking for a new game

      i think they would be better off to leave it with me 3 but theve said they were planning to continue the universe in other games so i would think it would be perfectly reasonable to release those on the PS3

    When reviewing Multiplatform games, are you given copies for each platform? Do you play the games across all platforms, or just play one version and that's it?

    What about the new Puzzle Agent game I have seen on steam. Is it going to come out on WiiWare? Looks really good and we would like to play it on Wii, I have some left over points. All i can find is a vague “July” release date. Any news you guys could offer?

      As with all WiiWare games, the release date is at the mercy of Nintendo. I'm sure Telltale themselves don't know exactly when it will be available. It does sound like it won't be far off though.

    Hey David,
    Have you heard any details about the Call of Duty: The War Collection lately which contains CoD 2, 3, and 5 in one neat package?
    It was mentioned on Kotaku a few months back but it looks like Activision hasn't officially announced it even though et al has been selling it since June? I'm confused...

    How often do you change your Desktop Wallpaper?

    Looking at the Sony patent for Multiplayer on one 3D screen, it looks a lot like TI's Dualview, have you ever seen it in action?

    What's your favourite food?

    Hi Dave,
    Did you happen to find out if there was an Australian release planned for the 360 port of Darkstar One?

    I've just seen on Gizmodo, that Kinect will sell for $150 in America. Currently that works out to $170 here but you may as well say $200 here.

    My question is... Who the [email protected]%K is going to pay $200 for that stupid gimmicky thing.


      Microsoft told me this morning that they'll announce their local price in the next few days.

        How do you hyperlink text?

          It is not for you, mere require the power of the wildgoose!

            Well that isn't entirely true

    With Microsoft's Kinect do they plan on releasing accesories eg. some for of a plastic motion gun if they ever made a 1st person shooter game eg. Doom etc etc. I know you use your whole body and all (and extra arms and legs if your alien) but to me it would feel weird if you had nothing in your hands when you shoot stuff with.

      One thing strikes me with Kinect, it is an infra-red camera system, I reckon you could make it work to track an LED, say in a lightgun type setup, so passive peripherals could be released that had nothing more than a switch and an infra-red LED in them if they wanted to update the software to support it, you could use move-style wands as well.

    A new Tron game for the iPhone was released a couple of days ago but isn't showing in the Aus iTunes Store so I'm guessing it's US only.

    I don't suppose you have any magic way of finding out whether/when it will be available for us here in Oz?

    Hi David! I have a question that I really hope you can answer.

    Any idea when the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC will once more grace the European PSN? The US got theirs the other day. Thanks.

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