AU Diary: Kane & Lunch

E3 was over a month ago now. Since then I've been to Poland and back. My sleeping pattern is still all out of whack though. So today's delivery of a belated "E3 Survivor Pack" was welcome.

Sent by Bethesda's PR agency, who also look after Razer and Rising Star, it promised to supply everything I'd need to recover from a week in Los Angeles.

I can see how a can of Red Bull might be appropriate, especially when accompanied by a mini bottle of Absolut Citron. And the sugar provided by the assortment of confectionary lying at the bottom of the bag has kept me alert this afternoon. To be honest, I've had better lunches though.

Thanks guys! I'll even give away the Razer mouse, Gothic 4 plastic sword, Fallout New Vegas t-shirt and all the other swag when the Kotaku Community Service Award reconvenes next week.

In other news, I also received preview code of Kane & Lynch 2, which I've been playing this afternoon. I can't tell you anything about it yet, however. Be patient! But do let me know what you'd like to know about it in the comments below.

See you tomorrow!


    Hey David, gotta wonder how the crazy camera work in Kane & Lynch 2 is treating you? Have to admit that it has me worried a little, not a motion sick person but after a while it can take its toll.

      I'm playing the demo at the moment. I too would like to know what you think of that god-awful shaky camera?

    The obvious, did they fix all the broken things from the first game?

    Crappy AI and controls which were clunky...

    Does the dialouge still sound something like this

    "Fuck...shit...fuck...motherfucker.....MY FAMILY!!!! FUCK!!!! SHITFUCK!!"


    Played it last week and it was a much different experience from your typical first person shooters. It was more "realistic" I thought though the controls, especially the run, need rethinking... Also, the running camera mode does give my head a spin as well.

    Otherwise, it looks like a promising game with rating expected around the 8/10s.....

    Does it make you feel like a psychotic, yet stylish, outlaw?

    I've heard that shining a torch on the backs of your knee's not only cures jet-lag, but also provides ample equipment to perform an anal worm search. So I've been told...

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