AU Diary: Polished Design

Forgive the appalling pun in the headline. By the time you read this, I'll be on a plane to Poland.

I'm attending the Imagine Cup, an annual technology and design competition held by Microsoft for university students all around the world. The aim, according to the organisers, is to "to encourage students around the globe to imagine a better world in which people are empowered by technology."

And, of course, that means games!

This year's Imagine Cup finals are being held in Warsaw, Poland. Six teams - from Belgium, France, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and the Phillippines - have made it through to the finals.

My role in proceedings is to be one of a five-person panel of judges overseeing the Game Design category. I'll be spending two days assessing what they've been working on for the past year and, in conjunction with the other four judges (including Rare's Gregg Mayles), deciding who wins.

I've never done anything like this before, so I'm really looking forward to it. It should be fun!

Over the next week, in between wearing my judge's wig, I'll be bringing you many of the site's regular posts while continuing to bring you my impressions of the games I saw at E3. However, filling the editor's chair back in Sydney, keeping his finger on the pulse of local news, will be... Junglist.

Yes, Junglist is back!

I thought you'd like that.


    Yay, Junglist is back!

    Smuggle back some polish vodka for me.

    We love that!

    Plus it's very cool you're going to Poland, enjoy a Warka and some sausage.

    What an amazing opportunity David. All the best and no doubt you'll have a ball. Do widzenia!

    If by "...should be fun!" you mean "...should be a butt load of hard work and tough decisions!" then yes, yes it will.

    How exactly does one score a gig as Big Important Judge Of Things?

    Your a true jetsetter! Sounds like a great trip Dave, hope you drink lots of peavo and have a dobra spatch.

    (thats all the polish I know...)

    I see this trip as a way for David to enter the German football team. It seems to have worked for Klose and Podolski and Trochowski

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