Aussie Nintendo Store: Euphoric Prehistoric

If you can see fit to pull yourself away from Super Mario Galaxy 2 this week, there are some really great WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console games up this week. No, really.

Virtual Console

Ufouria: The Saga (NES, Sunsoft, 500 Points)

Sunsoft is back with another rare title you probably haven’t heard of. Ufouria has you playing as Bop-Louie, he isn’t your usual platforming mascot and you’ll need to draw on your friends in the game to get through the game. I’ve never heard of this game before today, so I’ll leave it up to you to tell everyone else if it is worth the coin.


Jett Rocket (Shin’en, 1000 Points)

Jett Rocket comes from the developers of the little known DS title Nanostray, but more recently the also little known Art of Balance. This 3D platformer is not only one of the best looking WiiWare games out there, but it plays pretty good too. The game puts you in the role of Jett and you’ll need to protect the land of Yoroppa from the Power Plant Posse, who is draining the entire planets energy reserves.


Maestro! Green Groove (Neko Entertainment, 500 Points)

You play as a young brid called Presto and it’s up to you to free the world’s music notes from an evil spider. As you can see, there is a theme this week of freeing things from evil invaders. The game is played by tapping and strumming the touch screen to the beat of the music.

Extreme Hangman (Gamelion, 200 Points)

Isn’t Hangman already kind of extreme as it is? I mean why would you hang someone if you can’t pick a random word from guessing random letters? Whatever the case, this is Extreme Hangman. It's pretty cheap too which helps.

Prehistorik Man (Interplay, 800 Points)

Originally an old DOS game, then a Gameboy, SNES and Gameboy Advance one, Sam the Prehistorik Man is back on the Nintendo DSi. Sam is mad, the dinosaurs have taken is winter food sipply and you’ll need to traverse 22 levels to get your revenge. Early press coverage suggests this isn’t a great one, so be wary.

So what are you picking up?


    Ahhhh Eufouria.
    Many memories of Bob Louie, Gills and Shades...
    Can't remember the lizards name though.

    I played this when this came out and remember it being hard, I think I will pick it up (probably cake now-a-days)

    Dear Nintento Australia,

    At this stage of the game, I'm finding it very hard to care about your WiiWare service. So much promise, and yet no follow-through.

    Which is my way of saying; get it together and release Cave Story down here. Seriously.


      What's really weird is that, despite the amazing potential for releasing cool 16-bit-era-style JRPGs on the WiiWare service, the only THREE RPGs are My Life As A King, My Life As A Darklord (neither of which are really "RPGS" by any standard) and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (which I've heard really isn't very good). It's a shocking waste of potential.

    Jett Rocket looks promising but where is Cave Story?!

    So what's the difference between the DSiWare version of Maestro and the regular version? Is it the same game in bitesize chunks ala Electroplankton, or something else?

      No idea but I will be downloading it later tonight time permitting.

    U-Four-ia! How I loved thee! /hugs

    Guys just so you know Cave Story hasn't taken ages to get here because of Nintendo. The developer took it back and worked on it some more first before giving it to us PAL gamers.

    It's not Nintendo or Nintendo Australia's fault. Once they announce it's 'Gold' or whatever then yeah sure it is their fault.

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