Aussie Nintendo Store: Fish n’ Ninjas

A decent offering this week across the board, with DSiWare boasting four new titles. We’re happy to see Virtual Console get some support with Shadow of the Ninja, and there’s two new WiiWare games to muck around with as well.

WiiWare -

Toribash (Nabi, 1000 points) offers an online-focused fighting game that will have you punching with the motion controls in mid-air like it's 2006 all over again. The game uses WiiConnect24 for online challenges against players from around the globe, and you can record and edit your own movies with the game’s replay editor.

We also get an aquarium simulator with Zenquarium: Virtual Aquarium (Nintendo, 600 Points). Yup, you’ll be able to customize your very own fake aquarium on the telly and watch your virtual fish grow and reproduce. The game enables the ecology of the fish tank to develop even if you’ve turned the Wii off. The budding ichthyologist within us all can take advantage of the games encyclopedia to learn all the salty details about the many species of fish included. You can also import your Mii character to go for a dive.

Virtual Console -

The sole addition to Virtual Console this week is Shadow of the Ninja (Natsume, 600 points). The NES classic from 1990 offers some retro action platforming goodness, and offers two-player co-op. You’ll be making use of swords, shurikens and grenades to fend off the usual armada of traditional Japanese adversaries such as ninjas, samurai, and giant mechanical robots. The game has a difficulty curve typical of classic NES action titles, so expect sweaty palms as you grind away on the classic control with this one.

DSiWare -

Another tower defense game, but a good one at that, is this week’s SteamWorld: Tower Defense (Image & Form, 500 points). There’s a nice steampunk-inspired look to the game and you get to kill hobos! Most of these types of games play similarly, but SteamWorld’ quirky visuals are enough to make it stand out.

Crazy Golf (dtp entertainment, 500 points) is a straightforward golf game with seven different courses to play around on, each with six holes of play. There’s multiplayer support that should extend the replayability for a bit.

2Puzzle It - Fantasy (Neuland Multimedia, 500 points) is an image-based puzzle game with an assortment of fantasy-inspired artwork. The game offers some simple modes for those who just want to chillax, but also has harder timed-based puzzles for those of us who want to inject an element of sadomasochism into our game time.

Did you give up on your dreams of becoming the world’s most fabulous hairstylist, and compromised by becoming a humble games writer? I know I did! If so, you can resurrect that lost dream with Hair Salon Pocket Stylist (505 games, 500 points). Making use of the DSi’s built-in camera, you can give yourself a gorgeous new hairstyle and show it to your mates. The game has an assortment of cartoon characters for you to practise your styling skills on, and you’ll want to save those images to the game’s album so you show them off to strangers you meet on the train.

16 Shot! SHOOTING WATCH (Hudson Soft, 200 points) is a cheap but rewarding little game that will test just how fast you can tap buttons. Video game icon Takahashi Meijin was reknowned for his rapid-fire button abilities, and the game invites you to step up to the challenge and discover just how quick your fingers really are.


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