Aussie Nintendo Store: Walk The Plank Action

A fresh batch of downloads this week as Virtual Console takes a nap. There are a few titles for both Wii and DSi owners so no-one needn’t miss out. There’s a duo of oceanic-themed titles for WiiWare and DSiWare pickings are a bit slim, but is there something for you?


Dive: The Medes Islands Secret (Cosmonaut Games, 1000 points) – A diving game with a tonne of adventuring to do. Over the centuries the ocean has claimed many a boat, and all of them have guarded secrets that remained hidden over the years. Until now, that is. Well that’s what the press release says, it sounds pretty epic and it may well be. You’ll be hunting out treasure in sunken ships whilst avoiding a plethora of underwater nasties. That’s right, a plethora.

Family Pirate Party (Aksys Games, 500pts) – For some reason it’s taken over a year to get this game to our shores, it was rated way back in 2009 but it’s only just appeared now. This cel-shaded board game has support for up to four players - human or CPU - and there’ll be some extra maps available to purchase as well. Might want to hold off on it unless you fancy some walking the plank action.


Crystal Monsters (Gameloft, 500 Points) – You play as a Neo-Seed and have the power to hunt and train monsters, of which there are 160 to collect. Your goal is to become a great Monster Breeder. Yup, sounds familiar, but it could be fun right? Well it’s a typical Gameloft mobile phone port, so don’t expect the world. There’s some DSi camera fun included in this one, allowing you to customise up to three of your monsters with the camera.

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    Where the HELL is CAVE STORY?!

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