Aussie Students Tackle Climate Change With Video Games

I spent last week playing a bunch of student games aimed at tackling some of the world's toughest problems. Environmental conservation was a common theme. It's also the theme of an Australian student game design competition just announced.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has begun the call for entries for this year's Screen It competition. Open to primary and secondary school students around Australia, the annual competition is "designed to encourage and foster the next generation of young moving image makers."

That means video games!

It also means film and animation, too, but we think games are far more interesting.

Students are tasked with creating a live action film, animated film or video game based on the theme: "The Environment: Who Cares?" Registration is now open and entries close at 5pm September 17, 2010.

Screen It Competition [ACMI, via Screen Play]


    Fantasy games based on the fantasy presumption of Climate Change!

      Agreed, the tital says "Climate Change" but then the article goes on to talk about the Environment.

      "Climate Change" is based on what the Sun is doing and would make for a very boring game.

      However looking after the Environment opens up a whole lot of exciting Gameplay possibilities :)

        Yes. Agreed.
        There is a massive difference between "Climate Change" and "Environment".

        I agree that man is screwing up the environment. But we are doing nothing that changes the climate. Its impossible for us to.

        Sigh number two.

          David. . .

            I think we all know what definition of "climate change" this competition is referring to.

              The fantasy version, yeah?
              Because Im pretty sure its not a competition on natural weather patterns.

                In case you haven't noticed, weather and climate are not the same thing. Let me guess, you probably agreed with John Elliot on Q&A the other night when he said "I don't believe in climate change, it's been cold as buggary all week!"?


        Hah! Perfect response.

    yase lets get the kiddies to learn about combatting climate change by using computers, something which requires enourmous amounts of power and rare earth metals.

    Do people even think before they do these things, i know that they have to reach out to people and all but come on.

      So in our attempt to educate future generations and leave a lasting imprint on them so that they will carry out environmentally friendly practices in the years to come, we should abandon computers, games, and other useful and effective technologies in favour of... standing on milk crates and yelling information at them?

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