Australia's Best Indie Games Of The Year Are...

At next month's Freeplay event in Melbourne the cream of Australia's indie game design crop will be up for a whole bunch of awards. Here's who is in the running.

Freeplay is Australia's annual independent games festival. For the first time this year they're honouring the year's best indie games through the Freeplay Awards. The Awards will be held on August 15.

“We were pleasantly surprised at the large number and high quality of the entries,” says Freeplay judge Mark Flanagan. “It meant a lot of work, and it was difficult to choose winners, but we didn’t mind at all because the games were so entertaining to play.”

The nominees have just been revealed. I've only played two of the finalists - Captain Forever, pictured, and Jolly Rover. Have you played any?

Best Australian Game Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready Brawsome - Jolly Rover Finn Morgan – Colourbind

Best International Game Mahdi Bahrami (Iran) - Bo Anders Højsted (Denmark) - TryFail Yellow Jam (Brazil) – Last Hope

Best Design in a Game Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready Alexander Bruce Hazard: The Journey Of Life The Voxel Agents Train Conductor

Best On-Paper Design Tobye Ryan - Epic Adventure Timothy Ryan - iCrazy Man Katie Murphy – Galaqua

Best Art in a Game Farbs - Captain Forever (series) Alexander Bruce - Hazard: The Journey Of Life KlickTock - Doodle Find

Best Concept Art Fiasco Studios - Exodus Evan Raynor - City Ruins CatBus Interactive - Speed Demon

Best Technical Innovation Farbs - Captain Forever (series) Finn Morgan - Colourbind Sword Lady & The Viking - Up Down Ready

Best Game Writing Farbs - Captain Forever (series) Alexander Bruce - Hazard: The Journey Of Life PVI Collective – Transumer

Best Audio The Voxel Agents - Train Conductor Tin Man Games - Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes Brawsome - Jolly Rover


    I've played a little bit of Train Conductor. I found it entertaining and quickly challenging, and it does have a nice style about it. And it has trains!

    Hazard: The Journey of Life is a great game. I played it when it was a mod for UT3, and I've played the demo of the standalone (UDK) version. I can't wait for the full version.

    guessing torchlight isnt in here because it was "digitally released in 2009"?

      I'm guessing it's not here because it wasn't developed by Australians. As the headline says, this is Australia's best indie games of the year.

    Up Down Ready is amazing, if you like retro games.

    Anyone been able to find Up Down Ready?

      You can find the game and some background over here:

      The developers are working to get it into a more permanent location as soon as they can.

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