Baby-Brandishing Thief Swipes Two 360s, Flees In Kia Spectra

Dad's got his hands full with a cranky baby and a diaper bag and two boxes, who wants to be the hall monitor who receipt checks that, right? That must have been one thief's plan, and it apparently worked.

Cops in suburban Dayton, Ohio are looking for a man who stole two Xbox 360s from a Best Buy using the old Baby Meat Shield Gambit, a tactic taught at the notorious Parisian schools of pickpocketing and cat burglary. The guy picked up two 360s at the BB in Beavercreek and promptly walked out - one console under one arm, baby and console under the other.

He then made it to the parking lot where he got into a Kia Spectra - probably the first time that badge has been successfully used in any getaway - and sped off, making no attempt to buckle or secure the baby, according to witnesses. That, sucker, will get you a child endangerment charge on top of the theft counts, and drags Child Protective Services into this. And they aren't nice like the Dayton police.

Someone got a partial licence plate number. That, plus the exotic car make, should be enough to bring this fiend to justice because the physical description - white, balding, 6-feet and 250 pounds - gives you probable cause to arrest every dude from the Ohio River north to the Maumee.

Man Carries Baby, Steals Xbox 360 [Dayton Daily News via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    I was shopping in Coles when a woman tried to barge through the register claiming her child had to go to the toilet. Store Detectives stopped her and she clung to her story, than they opened the bag and revealed two giant Hams in it. She tried to stick to the story but when they told her to come with them she dropped it.

    Small talk with the register operator was a little awkward after that.

    Worked at Franklins for a few years while at Uni. Every Thursday night we'd catch the same people trying it on with big coats and baby strollers.

    It wasn't until undercover security was brought in a few times that we found a regular who would hide stuff in her powered tricycle. She was in her 80's.

    One lady that came into the Coles I worked at had a baby pram, and showed off the fact that even though it had a holding area at the bottom for babies needs, it was empty. However staff noticed that the baby was sitting a little oddly, and realised the lady had tucked all manner of foodstuffs behind the baby, using it as a good meat-shield.
    Baby wasn't impressed.

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