Bad Company 2 Becomes An Onslaught

Battlefield: Bad Company 2's "Onslaught", a new co-op "horde" mode against enemy AI, is now live and ready for download on the PlayStation Network in both North America and Europe.


    Hasn't this been out for 2 weeks now??? (on console)

    And its buggy as f**k to the extent unplayable often.

    A waste of $14.45 in its current state.

    mine isn't buggy so far but not worth the money. EA are getting greedy again.

      Have you not had the problem of invincible enemy AI? The forums were full of people all complaing of the same issue. I'm not sure if its region relatd or not, but it exists and its widespread.

        I have had the issue when connecting to public games. Reconnecting or creating your own public game can solve it. Other issues is a considerable drop in graphical quality. But when you get a good connection and good squad members it really does provide those unique multiplayer moments. Cutting down wave after wave of AI while your team mate yells medic, realising he is dead and your the last man standing really brings a rush. Good game.

        i usually only play with my mates so maybe that is why. so far only 3 of us at once so maybe we aren't pushing it.

        it is actually a great way to try out different weapons etc. without getting slaughtered in MP when you forget which direction gives you a med pack and which give the defib etc. i would definitely recommend newcomers to get this.

    Getting the invincible AI's here

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