Bargain Hunter: A Real BioShock 2 Deal

Yesterday's BioShock 2 deal turned out to be a bust. But here's another way you can get my game of the half-year pick for under thirty bucks.

Games Warehouse currently has the Xbox 360 version of BioShock 2 marked down to a mere $29.95.

I've checked around at other retailers and can't find anywhere else locally that's selling it for under around $50-60.

Hopefully this deal will last longer than a few minutes after I post about it!


    What about Ps3 and Pc??

      Nah PS3 is $50 ridiculous.

        Blaergh no edit button... I dont understand why kotaku AU dont have kotaku US login/edit functionality.

        Anyway, there's cheap PC and PS3 on sales at shopto

    About 3 weeks ago, the GAME website was selling the PS3 and 360 version for $28. It may not be game of the year, but I'll be damned if it wasn't deal of the year!

    GAME still have it for under $50, $48 to be exact. $58 for the rapture edition too.

    Just finished it yesterday. Really great game. Much better than the reviews indicated. Certainly up there with my favourite games this year.

    I picked up the Bio2 Collectors Edition at that EB "Under Construction" Sale...or whatever it was...for Half Price...

    was like $5 more than the normal edition, so I thought why the hell not. $75 for a $150 edition is something you dont get everyday

    i picked up the 360 collectors edition at game sale for like $24 - insane

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