Bargain Hunter: ArmA Gonna Save Me Some Cash

Bargain Hunter: ArmA Gonna Save Me Some Cash

Like your PC shooters so hardcore they’re almost strategy games? You’d do well to take advantage of GAME’s current price for ArmA II.

Bohemia Interactive’s spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint is going for a mere $28, courtesy of GAME’s current sale. It’s only for online purchases, so head over to the GAME site now if you’re interested.

Who’s signing up?


  • I bought this when it launched, but only get it if you love your MilSims.
    Also be aware that an expansion has come out called Operation Arrowhead which works similar to COH, but has a much improved game engine (realistic thermal imaging included)

  • I might have considered it if my pc could do it any amount of justice.. plus i know i would spend more time getting shot than anything else 😛

  • How does this compare to Operation Flashpoint? I have been playing that for a little, and it is a hard one. I remember the original Flashpoint and I loved it, but am struggling to get into Dragon Rising. Will this be any more engaging?

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