Bargain Hunter: Get A Cheap Wii This Weekend

Harvey Norman has a deal until this Sunday where you can get a Wii console plus one game (Vacation Island: Beach Party) for $198. Seems decent value.

[Thanks Chuloopa for the tip]


    You're welcome :) lol only if there was someone who doesn't already own one :P

      I dont

      and i actually have that ammount of money in my wallet right now


    Damn it, I wanted this news after I got my tax return back.

    I can finally break my poo change jar and buy one!

    SOB, i got one my new black one at the bigw toy sale last week with two shovel ware games i sold for $15 each in ebay and sonic all stars racing (great kart game) for $298. Dammit.

    Harvey Norman has been having some surprisingly good deals lately. Usually I've seen them as rip-off merchants, but $50 less than RRP for the 360S and now this deal on the Wii. Hope they keep it up!

    I think this is only for the white wii. I was browsing in HN and another customer was buying one. The customer (an older gentleman) was saying that his son had seen the deal on the internet, and he wanted to get it, because he was sold a wii fit not knowing he needed a wii...
    Anyway, the salesperson said that it was only the black one. The customer didn't know what that meant, but she quickly said 'the colour..'

    tl;dr: only the white one is on sale.

      The promo page says "Available in black or white."

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