Bargain Hunter: How Important is a HDD/WiFi?

Bargain Hunter: How Important is a HDD/WiFi?

Missed the massive GAME sale? Didn’t get around to buying any of those Steam games? Don’t worry – new consoles and plenty of sequels will make for consistent good deals in the months to come. And if you aren’t enamoured with the bells & whistles of the new 360 Slim, now might be your time. Here’s what’s good at the moment.

Economical Gamer points to a Dick Smith sale that would like you to take some of their 360 Arcade consoles off their hands in an online only offer which ends today. $199 gets you the Arcade and four games: Pure, LEGO Batman, Halo 3: ODST, and Forza 3. The Arcade console also comes with Pac-Man: Championship Edition.

Bargain Hunter: How Important is a HDD/WiFi?

Nice selection of games there for cheap, but seeing as the Arcade doesn’t come with a hard drive, you might as well tack on another $50-100 if you want to save your games. Unless your circle of friends or eBay have a solution?

If those games hold no weight for you, GAME still have a few 360 Elite consoles to get rid of, and are offering them for less than the price of a Wii.

JB HiFi have some good software deals, which aren’t quite the same as GAME’s $2 for Mirror’s Edge craziness last week, but are still nothing to sneeze at. For $29 there’s: -Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe -Resident Evil 5

Bargain Hunter: How Important is a HDD/WiFi?

-UFC: Undisputed 2009 -GTA IV

And some more recent titles for $49: -Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands -Splinter Cell: Conviction -Assassin’s Creed 2 -Lost Planet 2 -Heavy Rain -MAG

FIFA World Cup South Africa is also going for $44, but keep in mind its annual edition will be out in a few months. Check the catalogue out here.


  • saw the Elite console at Dick Smith Greensborough(VIC) today and it was $250 and comes with ODST and Forza 3, just thought someone may be interested

    • Most JB-HIFI’s have the exact same sale on thought as always it depends on the amount of units they have left.

  • GAME has the following:

    Assassins Creed 2 for $38
    Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands for $39
    Heavy Rain for $48
    MAG for $38
    UFC 2009 for $24

    Was just in there before checking it out, seems like a good deal…

  • In the space of a year I went from paying a premium to get the fastest wireless I could for all my devices to replacing it all with gigabit LAN. Ethernet cheaper, faster, more reliable and cheaper! I only turn my wireless on when I need to download something for the DSi.

  • dont know if its aus wide but my local harvey norman has 120gb elites for $249 with the forza3 and odst bundle…(castle hill)

  • Some GAMEs will sell Lost Planet 2 for only $24 preowned.

    Bought my copy in Hurstville but saw an Xbox360 copy in Hornsby last week for $24.

    Here’s a few other things I saw recently,

    Assassins Creed 2 White Edition – $49
    Red Steel 2 with Motion Plus – $49
    Hori Arcade Sticks (Xbox360) – $69
    Tekken 6 Collectors Edition (Arcade Stick included PS3) – $69

    As to whether you can find these things is simply based on your nearest store’s stock, etc, etc

  • I picked up KOF XII last week, new, on 360 for $24 from Game in Armadale WA -sweet! They had quite a few bargains which is really, really strange for them.

  • The most infuriating part of all these deals is the comparative pricing of a 360 wireless controller. These usually go for $50-80.Looking at the arcade $199 deal, it almost makes sense to buy an additional console for the controller rather than just buy one separately if any of those games were appealing, Forza/ODST running about $40, pure/lego batman about $20. The arcade comes with a month of gold membership too if I remember correctly.

    And hey, it cant be that useless to have a spare xbox lying around.

    As for the storage issue, I don’t know if its still going, but i picked up an official refurb 20 GB hard drive about 2 years ago for like $25 with 3 months live though some online offer.

  • I had an RRoD and was about to pay M$ $168 to fix it. I cancelled and bought the $249 elite from JB with Forza3 and ODST. I basically paid $80 more and got a new console, new warranty, extra controller, 2 games and an HDMI cable. I was going to get an arcade and use my old hard drive but at $249 the elite is a bargain!

    JB Brisbane had 4 left on store floor when I got mine

    Now what to do with my RRoD console?….

  • Dont forget that the Dickies Arcade console is a 2 year old model. Buy extended warranty AND keep it in the fridge.

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