Bargain Hunter: Let’s Spend $300 At Target

Bargain Hunter: Let’s Spend $300 At Target

Target kicks off its Toy Sale tomorrow. I’m going to imagine someone gave me $300 to spend. What would I buy?

I’m going to pretend I already own all the consoles, but none of the games. And while I’m interested in how good the games are, I’m slightly more interested in saving some money. Let’s go shopping…

First purchase: Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $69. I save $30, thank you very much.

Next, I’ll grab Pokemon SoulSilver for $49, saving another twenty bucks or so. I like the cover art better than HeartGold, so SoulSilver it is!

I could be saving up to $30 on some of the Imagine games on DS, or a similar amount on various Littlest Pet Shop titles. But, reluctantly, I put them back on the shelf.

Still in the DS section, I pause in front of the Sonic Classic Collection and Drawn to Life 2, both of which are going for just $30. Which one should I get? I get both.

Saints Row 2 on 360 for $20 is a steal. I grab Bayonetta, also on 360, for $39. And stuff a $69 copy of Street Fighter IV bundled with a PS3 arcade stick into my pocket on the way out.

Quick calculation: I end up spending just fractionally over 300 bucks on seven games and an arcade stick. I think I did OK there. Now, who wants to give me $300?


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