Bargain Hunter: Let's Spend $300 At Target

Target kicks off its Toy Sale tomorrow. I'm going to imagine someone gave me $300 to spend. What would I buy?

I'm going to pretend I already own all the consoles, but none of the games. And while I'm interested in how good the games are, I'm slightly more interested in saving some money. Let's go shopping...

First purchase: Super Mario Galaxy 2 for $69. I save $30, thank you very much.

Next, I'll grab Pokemon SoulSilver for $49, saving another twenty bucks or so. I like the cover art better than HeartGold, so SoulSilver it is!

I could be saving up to $30 on some of the Imagine games on DS, or a similar amount on various Littlest Pet Shop titles. But, reluctantly, I put them back on the shelf.

Still in the DS section, I pause in front of the Sonic Classic Collection and Drawn to Life 2, both of which are going for just $30. Which one should I get? I get both.

Saints Row 2 on 360 for $20 is a steal. I grab Bayonetta, also on 360, for $39. And stuff a $69 copy of Street Fighter IV bundled with a PS3 arcade stick into my pocket on the way out.

Quick calculation: I end up spending just fractionally over 300 bucks on seven games and an arcade stick. I think I did OK there. Now, who wants to give me $300?


    Not me!

    What kind of arcade stick is with SFIV?

      Not too sure what the arcade stick that comes with SFIV, but I prefer my Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 stick

      I prefer my Madcatz TE stick.

    You pass up the video game magnum opus that is Imagine: Babyz and Imagine: Interior Designer?!

    You’ve changed man.....

    But how can anyone go past a name like Heart Gold??

      Quite easily, with the far superior and popular Soul Silver.

      Go look at some sales figures!

    you don't like fighting games though... :p

    Gah!!! Bayonetta $39 now too? Shit my 360 just died (again) so was going to happily trade in my old games for some new stuff. But everything recently seems to have dropped below the damn $40 mark :(

      Bayonetta was $18 pre owned at GAME, so it really was a ball drop of a title imo

        I saw it for about that new during the big sale at Game. I didn't get it, but I did get 2 copies of Left 4 Dead 2 for $12 each. Sure its the censored version, but that's a pretty good price for a good multiplayer game.

          Yah, not to mention Napoleon: Total war for 12 and Star trek online for 8... Loved that day! :D

    You'll be stopped by security if you stuff it in your pocket. You're better off paying for it.

    ... just saying.

    Is it poor form to mention that these titles are still cheaper overseas from your favourite import store?

      Plus the non-Nintendo games have been cheaper at Australian retailers at various points in the last few months...

    He might not have the $300 for you, but I'm pretty sure Chuloopa is trying to work out where to trade what in to what. In order to turn those seven games and a stick into the five collector editions he actually wants ;-)

      oh you're ice cold :P lol

      i'd need the $300 to buy them to trade them first... besides, i'd be making a loss on all of those games at those prices.. i think street fighter only has a trade value now of around $5 LOL

      there really is too much work involved in trading for better stuff.. but i CAN be worth it...

      I'll probably get saints row 2 though as that fits into my $20 budget and i don't have it yet... but only if it's not the "classics" edition.. i can't stand having classics editions in my collection :P

        Saints Row 2 is a top game. For $20 you can't go wrong. Just remember, the characters are ridiculous so just laugh. Try to take the characters and plot seriously and they'll annoy the crap out of you. =P

    Don't get Sonic Classic Collection unless you have a DSi, and then make sure you have a Aussie DSi or it won't work.

    Was the plan for Target to pay you $300 of advertising space, to buy these games? :)

      I wish!

    My money is going towards an AT-AT from the toy section!


    I doubt I'd be able to find anything worthwhile at my local Target.

    So, $300? Easy.

    First up is the new Hasbro Star Wars AT-AT for $150. 24 inches tall, bells and whistles galore - It's the most impressive Star Wars toy they've released to date.

    Next I'd be stocking up on the latest wave of Hasbro Star Wars figures, all of which are $9 each. Given this year is the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back, they've re-released the figures in the original packaging from 1980 to commemorate. So theoretically that'd pretty much be me sorted, given 15 figures and that's my $300 total.

      Yep, that At At is t3h shiz, will look good alongside my classic Light n Sound Millennium Falcon :D

    would of bought the SF4 bundle but the stick looks cheap and its wireless

    Half those games have been on sale at cheaper prices at GAME for the past month :P
    The Pokemong HG/SS is a damn nice price though.

    Having gone into my local target this evening I noticed a sizable number of "Nerf" weapons... so I'd probably pick those up instead.

    $300 worth of LEGO.
    And then I could build a million Pokeballs and throw them at people!

    Got Super Mario Galaxy 2 at release for $69... =P
    But anyway
    I'll probably buy nerf guns, lego, star wars merch, lego star wars merch...some other action figures maybe...I already got all the games I wanted from previous sales

    Easy. The Star Wars Lego Clone Turbo Tank ($190 from 240), probably the best price I'm going to see it at.

    I wonder if I can pick up the Transformers WFC figures cheap.

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