Bargain Hunter: StarCraft II Price Round-Up

Bargain Hunter: StarCraft II Price Round-Up

Hey, who wants to round up the prices for StarCraft II? Yes, let’s round up the prices for StarCraft II!

Below is a near-comprehensive list of Australian games retailers who are selling Blizzard’s imminent real-time strategy PC game. It launches on July 27, so you’ve got a few days left to preorder yours.

Prices for the standard edition of StarCraft II range from $79 up to its RRP of $99.95. CDWow had been offering it for a remarkable $55.95, but they are now – unsurprisingly – out of stock.

The StarCraft II Collectors Edition is pretty much sold out across the board. Sorry collectors!

If you’ve spotted a better deal anywhere, please let us know in the comments. $55.95 (out of stock) $79.95

Dick Smith $89 $84.79 $79.95

EB Games $98 $79.97

GAME $79 (online price) $99.95 (in-store price, comes with t-shirt) $82.70 $79.95 $84.95

The Gamesmen $99.95 (plus poster)

Gametraders $99.95 (plus t-shirt when preordered) $89.95 (plus free copy of Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich when preordered) $90

Harvey Norman $88

JB Hi-Fi $89

Sanity $89.99 $88.95


  • Oh EB, you and your over-pricing. Pity you’re so prevalent. I eBay everything but things like this, when I come crawling back to you, full of shame

  • I think I managed to find one of the last collectors editions available online back at the start of june or so, eb had sold out, game had sold out, couple of other sites, managed to find it at JB, which next I checked had also sold out.

    Yes, wings of liberty is the terran campaign, but it’s long enough to be considered a game in its own right and all races are available for online games. Blizzard has been clear about this for more than a year.

  • I don’t really want starcraft, I want another tradition warcraft game, like warcraft II, I never liked warcraft 3. Starcraft never quite managed the humour of the WC games, and looks a little grey and sterile compared to them as well. I miss having sea and air battles in the WC universe, I wish WoW never came about, then we might have had a new warcraft game one day.

    • Have you looked around for fan made Warcraft III campaigns? I seem to remember the editor being detailed enough to handle it and there’s a lot of people who feel the same way about Warcraft III as you do.
      Just doing a quick Google search I found this. I can’t tell you if any of them are good, but there’s about 12 pages of them so hopefully there’s a gem or two in there.

  • Anyone know if we’ll be able to obtain it digitally through Blizzard directly? That could be cheaper than most retail outfits in Australia…

    • It will be available (actually, you can download it now. locked) No idea on the pricing thought.
      Hoping it will be cheaper, I am not really in a hurry to get it, I can wait.

  • Ok I’v found out that sc2 has 2 different pricing on one is the uk version $55 and the other is aussie for $99 the difference being that in australia you can’t go into with the uk version cause its region locked

    • zoneadrenalan is good but they always out of stock and u have pick up the game..
      i rather pre-order from game ($79) with free postage.

  • Guess I’ll be dropping by JB or Dick Smith after uni. Don’t think my local Sanity ever sold games. Shame there aren’t any of those cheap retail prices you see every now and then on new releases.

  • Don’t forget GAME price matches, so for anyone with a members card its def worth price matching AND getting the points + a T-shirt.

    Also i think they may be opening an Hr earlier on the day

    • No need to price match at GAME. It’ll be $79 there, but for tomorrow only! If you pre-ordered, you still get the shirt for free!

      Didn’t pre-order? Don’t fret, you can buy the shirts for $10. Plus there will be faction shirts and keychains for sale as well.

  • Why is LAN such a dealbreaker for people. You realise you can set up a ‘LAN party’ but still play each other via Bnet right? The lag issue is nonexistent.

    And people whining about how it only has the Terran campaign… the single Terran campaign in this is likely going to be longer than the entire SC1 or BW. Plus it’s much more interactive and has RPG elements. Considering people have been buying add-on packs for console games for years, not sure what the fuss is about.

  • Dick Smith’s selling SC2 for $70 in Melbourne until the 16th of August and K-mart is selling it for $75 until the 4th, get onto it.

  • Just did a search ‘Starcraft II’. None of the so-called bargain finder sites (myshopping, shopbot, getprice) have it listed cheaper ozgameshop. Guess the stores have to pay a percentage to those search sites and then tack that onto the game price. And here I was thinking those ‘search-for-bargain-price’ sites were actually getting me the lowest price. The blindfold has lifted and I see the light.

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