Bargain Hunter: Two Lost Planet 2′s For The Price Of One

Bargain Hunter: Two Lost Planet 2′s For The Price Of One

This is what I want you to do: get together with that friend with whom you always play online and go and buy two copies of Lost Planet 2. Why?

Because until Tuesday July 20 Capcom’s excellent – yes, it really is excellent, please ignore the litany of misguided reviews out there – co-op shooter is only $49 at JB Hi-Fi.

And because you’ll thank me when you do.


      • It just felt like a bland, generic 3rd person shooter much like any other (a problem I had with the first Lost Planet, too). With horrible controls.

        I’ve certainly played much worse games in my time, but with the number of really good games out there it’s hard to make a case for buying a mediocre one.

  • Its GBP16.85 on and GBP17.95 on Zavvi, GBP17.93 at The Hut.

    Delivered to Oz for more or less AUD$30

    Now thats CHEAP!

    • Yeh- BUT you can ALSO go to K-mart, buy a copy of Sacred 2 for $20, take it to jb and trade it for $30 credit and get and put that towards lost planet 2 for almost the same price and you won’t have to wait 1-2 weeks to play it 😛

  • The Demo is not great. Neither is the game, it just is clumsy. Yes in Co-op in can be fun, if you have a lot of time to spend in one session. I frustratingly found out that a checkpoint is not a save point, it only saves after an episode.

    It has had a lot of short cuts, why do you never see mouths? Less animations.

    The level design is a bit lazy as is the whole objective of “shoot the orange”

    Sure Left 4 Dead is just shoot the zombies but the level design and the design of the game in general feels as if care has been taken. Lost Planet 2 doesn’t have that, its a shame because it could have been good.

    • “It is just clumsy.” – What do you mean by that? What elements do you consider “clumsy”?

      Yes, the save system avoids the typical checkpoint-every-30-seconds approach. This is not a bad thing! It’s just different! Two aspects of the design support this choice:

      1. The whole point of co-op is to manage and share your energy resources. Working together to ensure you survive to the end of the episode with your battle gauge intact is key to the co-operative play. Clearly, it means less when you’re playing on your own.

      2. Lost Planet 2 – much like Resident Evil 5 – is a game designed to be played over and over again. Unlike other shooter campaigns, it’s not about finishing the story – in fact, the story is worthless tripe. Instead, it’s about replaying stages, earning more credits, collecting more boxes, unlocking new weapons, abilities, costumes, etc, and of course enjoying the encounters along the way.

      Sure, it’s not for everyone. Resident Evil 5 wasn’t for everyone either. But for me, Lost Planet 2’s great strength is that it isn’t just another third-person shooter.

      • Wow, How much are JB paying you to say that David? Its his opinion, sorry if it doesn’t fit in with your ‘buy stuff from JB’ article or JB’s pricing. Besides, its obviously $50 because no one is willing to pay anything else.

        • Oh Mike, thank you for making me laugh. Obviously these Bargain Hunter posts are a ploy to curry favour with retailers rather than, say, let my readers know about some ways to save money.

          Both Braaains and Lorrie have played the LP2 demo and expressed their views. I’ve expressed mine based on the full game. It’s called having a discussion, a concept I suspect you’re not mature enough to appreciate.

          • I played the Demo on PS3 and the Full game on 360 by the way. I wouldn’t say a game wasn’t good just based on the Demo.

          • I would certainly say a demo is a fair enough basis on which to make a decision to buy or not buy a game, though. If you don’t like the demo it’s a fair chance you won’t like the full game so why would you spend your money on it when you could spend it on something else that you’ll probably enjoy more?

            If it turns out the demo is lousy for whatever reason and not actually representative of the full game then I’d say that’s Capcom’s fault for making a lousy demo. I’m certainly not going to risk my cash just on the off chance that the full game might be better.

          • I’m glad you got chuckle out of my comment, you are clearly a noble and righteous journalist trying to save your readers money (because they are exclusively yours after all) And how pray tell are they saving money if they buy two of them?

      • By clumsy I mean the menu system is terrible to navigate and find anything. The controls arn’t great and if anyone complained about Killzone 2 (not me personally) please don’t play this, there is more weight but the problem is the response. Yes the shooting is fine, but picking up objects and starting to mash ‘B’ to activate or fix seems so slow. The melee is useless and the story is clumsy (as you said it was tripe).

        It is bearly there for the first 3/4 of the game then tries to explain it in the last quarter.

        “Yes, the save system avoids the typical checkpoint-every-30-seconds approach. This is not a bad thing! It’s just different!”

        I didn’t say no saving every 30 seconds is a bad thing, but every 10 minuets or so is!

        The game moves from one area to another where you need to activate the spawn points, killing enemies. Each taking a fair amount of time. After 4 of these I havn’t earned a save point? Really? It makes me play the game longer than I want and it makes the game wear out its welcome quicker.

        Suprising this coming from a PC gamer who would love quick saves at any point…

        “But for me, Lost Planet 2′s great strength is that it isn’t just another third-person shooter.”

        What is it then? It is a completely generically designed shooter with a focus on Co-op. It has one exciting thing about it, the G Akrid fights.

        You may be used to shoddier games than I, but this just feels like it needed a few more months in the burner to iron out its issues.

        • I think the controls are key to differentiating LP2 from other shooters. You’re right, they’re heavier, weightier. But it’s a mistake to say they’re bad just because of that. As I’ve said, they’re different. (It’s not like Capcom messed up and wanted you to be able to do things quicker but couldn’t quite program it correctly!)

          The real issue to consider is how that difference changes the experience. Here, time becomes another resource to manage, something you choose to consume when switchng weapons or collecting ammo or activating a data post or using a VS suit. I found this a really satisfying addition to the tactical considerations.

          If you look at a game where you shoot things to be the same as another game where you shoot things, I can understand how Lost Planet 2 might seem generic. But that shows a very superficial appreciation of game design and an ignorance of all the subtle things Capcom has done. I think that’s what has irked me most about so many reviews and comments: people see a third-person shooter and expect it to play like Gears of War or Uncharted or whatever their favourite third-person shooter is. This is so silly. There’s no such thing as an industry standard control system or physics or save mechanic or indeed any other game feature. Let’s look at the individual merit of each game and encourage originality instead of copy-cat stagnation.

          Also, and this is the main reason I’m hanging around in the thread for so long, let’s delve a bit deeper into our thinking about why we do or don’t like certain games or certain features within a game. I’m not satisfied with one word summations – “it’s crap!” or “it sucks!” – and neither should you. Let’s analyse and dissect and explain. That way we’ll all learn something.

          • I never said the controls were a determent to the game, I was just saying to anyone who complained about killzone 2 and it’s weighty controls to not play this game because this is heavier. I didn’t mind the weight of the game, and in all honesty it was the only real unique thing about the game. But saying there is no such thing as an industry standard, while correct, is a little bit short sighted. Taking the control system from a game that has done it well already and that the audience is used to is the best way to do things, if a developer wants to change things up, at least improve them and not make them worse.

            Time is another resource to manage you say when changing your armour or swapping weapons, so why do they hide them in a room away from enemies most of the time. It’s been done as a process to lengthen the game time. It also is a determent because it feels like there is a lag in the controls because it takes so long. Maybe on the hardest difficulties the game was harder, but on the normal difficulty the game isn’t hard enough for me to feel the need to make a tactical choice.

            I was calling the game Generic because of the setting is un inspired. Not just because it is a Third Person Shooter, other wise every First Person Shooter is also generic. I never expected Gears of War or Uncharted, Uncharted being my favourite TPS due to the entertainment value of the story, it’s characters etc. But that’s for another time. I think that Lost Planet 2 received a raw deal in terms of the grapple hook complaints. Just because Just Cause 2 came out before it and had an entertaining grappling hook people wanted Lost Planet 2 to handle the same, but that would have broken the game.

            As mine was one of the longer replies I think you should realise that I don’t like a few word summations about a game. I usually reserve these larger opinions for my reviews, as I have done with Lost Planet 2.

          • Appreciate your lengthy replies, Lorrie, I really do! My comments, although in reply to yours, were directed more at the other comments.

      • I like how you are continuing with the sell, and understand it’s not a standard 3rd person game, so it misses the “mainstream” tag and becomes a cult game for a small community. There is just something about the game though that put up red flags on the ‘Don’t Buy’ list for me.

        Don’t mind a different sort of game myself and I’d like to hear what you think about Vanquish?

        Certainly not a standard 3rd person title and does look to have some slight similarities with Lost Planet, maybe it’s a bullethell version of it. Vanquish overall looks far more appealing than Lost Planet to me though.

      • Really???
        I am a Transformers fan, and I was disappointed.
        It was a fairly sub par shooter with a lot of repetition and some fairly horrible controlls in vehicle mode.
        I am not saying it was a bad game overall (I would say it’s good, but like I said, I am a fan), just that it was disapointing, the PS2 Transformers game (based on Armada) was far better.

        (I only played trough the single player game on PS3, haven’t tried multiplayer, and I doubt I will)

  • Damn by the sounds of it this games sounds like a flop, after playing the first one ages ago I was looking fwd to this one… maybe just renter for a couple of days 🙁

    • If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll LOVE this game. It’s in every way a better game.

      It has horrible deep flaws in its design (eg the singleplayer campaign is just the multiplayer campaign with stupid bots that don’t do anything) but it’s still a lot of fun.

  • How does this play as a single player game? Because I’m really not into co-op or online multiplayer. I need a great single player experience. Still, I’ll look into it. The game looks pretty good.

    • It’s still enjoyable completely singleplayer, but it would be pretty much impossible to finish it on hard or extreme difficulty by yourself. The levels are often designed around needing to rely on your team mates (eg you have to guard two points across the map at once) but you cannot rely on your AI team mates at ALL, so you end up having to do EVERYTHING by yourself. That simply isn’t possible on harder difficulties because you’ll die while trying to run back and forth doing everything yourself.

      So if you’re not interested in the multiplayer at all, I’d say rent or wait until it’s like $20. It’ll be great value then.

    • No. No. No.
      The AI is terrible, and the game was not made to be played Singleplayer. There is no story to speak of and the game isn’t that great in Co-op, let alone singleplayer.

    • It really is designed to be played co-operatively. You miss out on so much of the resource management and collaborative depth when playing on you’re own. When Lorrie says the AI is terrible, he means the AI of your squadmates is fairly ineffective – they never take the initiative and mostly leave you to do the work of four guys.

      Having said that, I’ve enjoyed flying solo when replaying levels to gain experience. But I wouldn’t recommend the game overall if you aren’t going to play co-op.

  • I think you guys are crazy for missing out I bought this game at launch and it didnt let me down story is alright nothing spectacular but the gameplay is what made me want to just keep on going to the end plus all the customization options are crazy too.

    • Is this experience from singleplayer or co-op?, I’d like to know because the game is really appealing to me at the moment but the bad reception is putting me off.

  • I thought the game kicked ass, purchased it day 1, got home, played with some friends that Night and I had a blast.

    Sure it’s not for everyone, and its controls weren’t copy pasted from MW2, but it is a solid co-op shooter with decent online vs and tons of customization.

  • I hated this game at first. With a seething, controller-crushing passion. Only persisted cos my coop partner wanted to continue.

    Then something clicked. I have never gone from hating something so intensely to loving it so much. Its not a great single player game, but its the best coop game I’ve ever played. (Can’t speak for the multi player, all I know is I suck) Better than Gears for sure. Gears was a smoother, friendlier experience, but compared to LP2, it lacks imagination and variety.

    Also, Vital Suits forming Voltron, or team support-weapon attacks, complete with superhero poses are bloody awesome.

    I’m kinda sad so many people dismiss this out of hand. It’s sorta the game’s own bloody fault in being so spiky – it annoyed me no end at first too- but there’s a lot of awesome underneath the initial layer of turd.

  • Loved the first game, but I’m waiting for the PC release of LP2 (I’d rather play shooters on PC)

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