Bargain Hunter: Who Wants A Cheap Pirate Adventure?

Jolly Rover, the Aussie-made pirate-themed point-and-click adventure, is celebrating one-month on sale with, er... a sale! You can get it for 50% off this weekend.

If you're following Jolly Rover on Twitter, Facebook or just the regular old mailing list on July 24, you'll score yourself a 50% discount code. Even better, there's no limit to the number of copies you can buy with this code. So it's probably not a bad way to cover off all your gaming mates' Christmas presents for this year.

How do you follow Jolly Rover? Like this:

* Follow Brawsome on Twitter * Like Jolly Rover on Facebook * Sign up to the Jolly Rover mailing list

Once you've done that, developer Brawsome will contact you with details on how to use your code and purchase the Steam key to download the game.

Do it, and support a fun, Aussie-made game!


    The game is well worth the full price, so for all you cats waiting for the discount price, you better purchase it!

    How much does it cost David? (with/without the 50% discount code)

      It's $19.95 without the discount.

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